Essay On My Album

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Essay On My Album

Albums are a treasure house of memories. I have three albums that contain pictures taken by my parents right f by my parents right from the time I was born to the time I started going to school.

These photographs have These photographs have helped me to get a clear picture of my past and the time I was born. To begin with there are pictures of me and my brisebn mother in the hospital.

I am hardly two days old in the first photograph of my album. There are pictures of all my relatives and my family friends in my album. They came to visit us at the hospital and I look really small in the arms of various aunts and A. Je p uncles who are seen cuddling me very lovingly.

The next section of my album includes photographs of my first birthday celebration. My birthday had been celebrated at home. There were many children who attended the party.

Even in those photograph I look quite unware of all that is going on around me. How I wish I was able to enjoy that party. The snaps show aps show how much fun the older children had.

There was a big cake in the shape of a train and my parents held my hand while they cut the cake for me. The other highlight of my album is my head shaving ceremony. That was the day when all the hair from my head was shaved off after a ritual performed by priests. All those have been captured in these photographs and even today my family and relive those past moments as we glance through the album.

My album is my best friend today as it has pictures of all the friends I knew as a very little boy and those friends who have gone away. Whenever I look at their pictures my eyes fill up with tears but I feel thankful that I had been able to click so many photographs which have always helped me remember all the good times that I have had.

I take good care of my albums. These are photographs that can never be produced again since my past can never come back again.

So I show my albums to my friends who visit me today and we all go on a nostalgic journey with the past.

Essay On My Album


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