Essay On Is Science A Blessing Or A Curse

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Essay On Is Science A Blessing Or A Curse

Science has been a blessing in many ways. We now lead a far more comfortable and luxurious life than our forefathers did.

Science has made our lives very comfortable. We live in bigger and better houses. We enjoy the benefits of electricity We can cool our houses with air conditioners and fans and we can keep them warm with central heating. Electricity helps us to light up our houses, cook our food, warm our water, and keep our food fresh. Science has given us electric lights, electric stoves, toasters, geysers and refrigerators. We are saved the trouble of going up and down stairs because we can use a lift. We can switch on the radio or the TV and entertain ourselves at home.

We lead a longer and healthier life because of science. In olden days several diseases proved fatal. Today a cure has been found for many fatal diseases and incurable diseases. So man now has a chance to lead a longer and healthier life than is olden days. Thanks to science we can go about speedily from place to place. Science has provided us with cars, buses, electric trains, steamships and jet planes. No one can say now that he is unable to move quickly from one place to another.

But there is also another side of the picture. Fast living has deprived man from peace of mind. He has to face noise all the time. He cannot rest peacefully in a calm atmosphere. Moving at speed does not allow man to enjoy the beauties of nature and of the countryside. Let us not forget that science has also invented the atom bomb and other nuclear weapons. These weapons are a constant threat to the peace and safety of mankind. Two destructive world wars have already been fought.

A third world war might break out at any time now subsequent to the horrendous terrorist attack on U.S.A. on the eleventh of September 2001. Thus science can cause destruction and be a curse to mankind. Another way in which it can be curse is by causing pollution. In industrial places the air is polluted with smoke from the factories. This pollution threatens the health of people who live in those places. Most of the major cities in the world are surrounded by many industrial units and have huge numbers of vehicles plying on their streets. The city dweller is thus exposed to a severe pollution threat and diseases caused by them. So we see that science can be both a blessing and a curse to mankind.

Essay On Is Science A Blessing Or A Curse


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