Essay On The Best Way of Spending the Holidays

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Essay On The Best Way of Spending the Holidays

Holidays are meant for rest and relaxation. So school going children should spend some time during the holidays in resting and relaxing after their school studies.

They should take an interest in games and sports. They should collect the neigh bouring children, and play team games like volley ball, basketball or football. They will thus get necessary exercise and keep good health.

Pursuing hobbies can be a way of keeping happy during the holidays. Collection of stamps, specific news cuttings from newspapers, other articles or any other hobby like reading can be absorbing and interesting.

Doing social service can also be a very fine way of spending the holidays. Schoolchildren can help to teach poor children to read and write. They can follow the slogan “Each one, teach one.” Thus they will render useful service to their country.

Travelling and going on a tour to visit different parts of the country can also be another way of spending the holidays. Those who can afford it, should travel and get acquainted with the places worth seeing in one’s own country. This will add to their knowledge of history and geography. They will also become broad-minded. They will understand the habits and customs of people living in other parts of the country. So travelling can be a very good way of spending the holidays. We should choose to spend our holidays in good way instead of being idle and merely wasting our time doing nothing worth while.

Essay On The Best Way of Spending the Holidays


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