Essay On The Blind Beggar

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Essay On The Blind Beggar

A blind beggar is a sorry sight. He is poor and helpless. He cannot see all the beautiful things on this earth. We feel very sorry for him.

Very few beggars are born blind. Some are blinded by sickness such as smallpox. Some others are blind because of the cruelty of other people. People take small children and pull out their eyes. They know that people will feel sorry for them and help them by giving money or kinds.

They make them sit by the wayside to beg. They look miserable and unhappy. They have to shout or cry and weep to attract the attention of people. People feel sad to see these blind children and they give them money.

They cannot enjoy the money they get. Other people who make them sit to beg collect the money. They give the blind beggars some poor food to eat. They make them live in a hut and sleep on a torn piece of mat. They have rags to wear. After having a night’s sleep, they are taken again the next morning to their usual place to beg. Unscrupulous people take advantage of those who are blind. They exploit them and make them earn money for them. The masters of blind beggars lead ideal and comfortable lives.

They are bloodsuckers who live on the work of other people. Government should try to do its best to help the blind and provide for their wants.

Essay On The Blind Beggar


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