Essay On The Autobiography of An Abused Child

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Essay On The Autobiography of An Abused Child

Today, I am going to write on the injustice faced by all those children who have to undergo the crime of child abuse. Children like me have to face many depressive, miserable and tragic problems in life. Child abuse takes place in many nations all over the world. Each day thousands of children like me are beaten and starved due to poverty and lack of parental love. Even I have been treated worse than an animal. Many other children are completely neglected, tortured, harshly beaten, mistreated or even sexually abused by their caretakers or relatives. This is one of the serious problems faced by us.

Physical negligence, physical abuse and sexual exploitation are the main types of child abuse. Physical negligence involves the failure in providing the basic physical needs of the child. This increases the risk of diseases and other health problems. Physical abuse includes inadequate food, lack of housing, scarce medical care and supervision. It is a form of abuse with us, which should be stopped immediately. Moreover, beatings us like animals is growing day-by-day. We are treated like slaves. Physical discipline has resulted in visible injuries on us. Many times, before and after abusing we are threatened by a gun or a knife and warned to keep our mouth shut. We are helpless as we can also be thrown out of the house.

With the increase in media and nationwide awareness, people’s attention has been shifted towards our plight. It is believed that our abuse in developing countries has not received suitable attention due to lack of awareness to the problem. Couple of cases of child abuse with my friends have gone unreported. Sometimes we say nothing because we are afraid of bad name. Others feel shy and think they should suffer quietly, to get their parents’ love and care.
There are many reasons why child abuse is taking place. Many child abusers were themselves victimised.

They are mentally ill and suffer from personality disorders. Thus, psychosocial factors also play an important role. Other unexpected conditions that contribute to our abuse by family members include poverty, ill health, separation among parents, disease, drug addiction and lack of parental assistances and supervision. Understanding the root causes of the abuse can help in preventing this injustice with us.

It is unfortunate to note that not only teenagers but also a few days old infants are subject to child abuse. Children of my age are soft targets of child abuse. Although child abuse is a serious crime, it is faced by many innocent children all over the world. It must be controlled and stopped. Please help me and other children like me.

Essay On The Autobiography of An Abused Child


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