Essay On The Autobiography Of An Umbrella

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Essay On The Autobiography Of An Umbrella

I am an umbrella. My work is to guard you from rain and Sun. After long service, I have to say that today I am in a miserable and useless condition.

Few years back I was very strong and useful. I was manufactured in a huge factory with several other umbrellas. We all were made of different materials, colours, sizes and shapes. Silver strong steel spokes were fitted inside me. They helped me to hold my cloth tightly. When I was born, I looked beautiful as I was covered with durable purple cloth. My colour suggested that both men as well as women could use me.

From the manufacturing place, we were brought to a market where there were many umbrellas for sale. I heard someone saying that it was a wholesale market. Soon one of the storekeepers purchased forty of us and took us to his store. It was a big store. I was hanged on a hook at a height. Few days later, a beautiful woman came in the store and saw me hanging. She bought me in four hundred rupees. I stayed with her for a month. She took my great care. However, God has decided something else for me. One day she lost me at a cinema hall. I was left alone below her sit.

Soon a young boy picked me and took me to his home. His mother thought that he had stolen me. The boy explained how he had found me. I served him for three years. I protected him from Sun and rain. The boy was happy to use me. Although he had another black umbrella, he always used me.

Every journey has an end. Now it was the time for the end of my life’s journey. I still remember that rainy evening. My master had taken me to a market. All of a sudden, it started raining heavily. I had to give my best to protect him from the heavy rain. Suddenly, a strong wind blew and broke one of my spokes, tearing a small part of my cloth. Although I was in a great discomfort, I continued to do my work sincerely. With great efforts, we reached home. My master closed and kept me outside the home. He forgot about me. That night, a man quietly came and picked me. He was a thief.

The thief did not know that I was injured. When he opened me and saw my condition, he threw me at the side of the road. After a few minutes, a passerby saw me. He looked very needy. Next morning he took me for a repair. The repairer repaired me for thirty rupees. I knew that my youth had gone and my old age had started.

My new master took my good care. In return, I tried hard to give him protection from rain and hot Sun. However, there were many white ants where he stayed. After rains went, he kept me above his cupboard. I laid there for many months. The white ants chewed my cloth very badly. Hundreds of holes appeared on me. One day when my master saw me in this condition, he became angry and threw me out of the window. I landed on a garbage can. I wonder who will rescue me from here.

Essay On The Autobiography Of An Umbrella


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