Essay On The Autobiography Of The Jewel Of Sky – Venus

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Essay On The Autobiography Of The Jewel Of Sky – Venus

I am regarded as the jewel of sky. I am the second planet from the Sun. I am named after the Roman Goddess of love and beauty named Venus’. After the Moon, I am the brightest natural object in the night sky.

Men call me by different names. Due to my size, gravity and structure I am called as the Earth’s sister Planet’. I have a diameter of only 650 kilometres. Just like Earth, I have rocks on my body. As my size and mass is very similar to your planet, I am also described as ‘Earth’s twin planet’. I reach my maximum brightness shortly before sunrise or shortly after sunset. For this reason, I am known as the ‘Morning or Evening Star’.

I am covered with a dense layer of highly deep clouds of sulphuric acid. These clouds prevent my surface to be visual from the space. Along my all other brother planets, I have the thickest atmosphere. My atmosphere mostly contains carbon dioxide. I neither have carbon cycle to lock carbon back into the rocks, nor any organic life to absorb it. I do have a few craters. Moreover, there are many dusty dry deserts on my surface. The atmospheric pressure on me is nearly ninety times more than that of the Earth.

Currently I do not have any natural satellite. I can be easily visualized when the Sun is low on the horizon. I am brighter than any other planet and can be seen in the middle of the day when the sky is very clear. I orbit the Sun at an average distance of about 108 million kilometres. I complete my one revolution in 224 days. As I revolve, I change from the evening star visible after sunset, to the morning star visible before sunrise. As I rotate from East to West, many scientists are eager to know more about me. Observing from my surface, one can note that the Sun rises in the West and sets in the East.

In 2005, European Space Agency launched a spacecraft named after me called the Venus Express Spacecraft’. Men were eager to learn undiscovered thing about me. To their surprise, signs of lightning were found on me. According to them, this lightning is unique in the Solar System. It is the only lightning, which is not associated with the clouds filled with water. Lightening on me takes place due to the dense layer of sulphuric acid clouds. Scientists are excited by these electrical discharges on me because they can break molecules into fragments that can then combine with other fragments in surprising ways.

Essay On The Autobiography Of The Jewel Of Sky – Venus


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