Letter Writing

Writing letters is important for exams and serious messages at work. Whether it’s recommending someone, leaving a job, or giving official notices, good letter skills are needed. Even writing a casual letter can be confusing sometimes. There’s a lot to know about making a letter look right with the font, spacing, and how it’s set up. So, we’ve made a step-by-step guide to help you get better at writing letters. This guide is for important days in your life or any exams you might have. It will show you how to do it well.

Informal Letter

  1. Write a letter to a friend who feels home-sick as a boarder
  2. Write a letter thanking your aunt for the lovely birthday gift she sent to you.
  3. Write a letter to your grandfather on his 80th birthday
  4. Write a letter to your best friend inviting him/her to a get-together dinner to which a mutual friend is also invited
  5. Write a letter of condolence to a friend who has lost his mother
  6. Write a letter to your grandmother thanking her for the surprise gift that she gave you
  7. Write a letter to your uncle thanking him for his hospitality during the week-end you spent at his house.
  8. Write a letter congratulating your friend for having secured the first rank in the Half-Yearly Examination in school.
  9. Write a letter to your mother explaining the reason for your poor performance in your third quarterly exams
  10. Write a letter to your father seeking permission. to join your school group going for an educational tour to the South of India during the winter holidays.

Formal Letter

  1. You live in a rented house. Your house needs certain repairs badly. Write a letter to your house owner requesting him to get those repairs done.
  2. Your neighbour has a dog. He barks at night and causes much disturbance to you and other neighbours. Write a letter to that neighbour to do something about his dog.
  3. You are the Secretary of the Science Club. Write a letter to the Manager of Atul Products to allow your club members to visit the factory
  4. Your city recently suffered from a flood. You read an appeal to help the sufferers. Write a letter to the Secretary of the Flood Relief Committee offering your services as a volunteer.
  5. You are the assistant head-master of a school. The boys of the S. S. C class wish to visit a textile mill. Write a letter to the Manager of the mill asking permission for It
  6. Write a Letter To bhute and Co. Bhavnagar asking To and quote prices of stationary articles For common use as you want to open a stationary shop of your own.
  7. You have purchased a radio set. Write a letter of complaint to the dealer because it does not work well.
  8. You are a dealer in readymade clothes and have received stock. Write to an old customer from whom no order has been received for a long time.
  9. You are the proprietor of a readymade clothes stores. You want to offer a grand reduction sale on the occasion of Diwali. Write a circular letter to your customers.
  10. To your class teacher. Ask for ten days’ leave of absence to help and serve your sick mother in a hospital.

Family Letter

  1. You are on a tour with your school friends and teachers. You run short of money. Write to your father asking him to send you money
  2. To your elder sister telling her that you wish to spend a fortnight with her
  3. To your father informing him that your younger brother has met with an accident
  4. To your father requesting him to send money to help a friend who is very poor
  5. To a younger brother advising him to pay a little more attention to his studies.
  6. Your father is away from home. You manage the home. ‘Write a letter to him about the affairs at home
  7. To your aunt requesting her to come for your elder sister’s marriage which is to take place next month
  8. To a cousin inviting her to a tour of Kullu and Manali
  9. To your brother who is weak in health to take part in games and sports to improve his health. State the importance of good health
  10. To your father asking permission to join a special North India Tour arranged by your school