Essay On A Visit to a Big City

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Essay On A Visit to a Big City

During the last summer vacation I was invited to Mumbai by my uncle and aunt. They live at Peddar Road. My parents could not accompany me. So I went alone to Mumbai.

My uncle and cousins came to receive me at Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus. The station was very big. Many trains were reaching into the station and many leaving it at the same time. We drove home in a taxi from C. S. T. station. On the way I saw many tall buildings. There were crowds of people all over the roads.

I was surprised to see that the roads were so very broad. Mumbai has many fine shopping complexes (malls). At these malls people can buy anything they need all under one roof. My uncle told me that the tall buildings consisting of more than 20 storeys are known as skyscrapers.

My cousins took me to several theatres halls like the Metro, the Liberty, the Strand, the Regal etc. We also dined at Grade i restaurants and visited grand hotels like the Taj Mahal, the Ambassador, the Ritz and the Sun and Sand. We also saw the Victoria Garden, Zoo, the Taraporevala Aquarium and the Chhatrapati Shivaji Museum. We enjoyed visiting the Hanging Gardens at Malabar Hill, the Chowpatty Beach and Juhu Beach, the National Park at Borivli and the Worli Government Dairy. The most enjoyable was the water kingdom and Esselworld.

In the beginning I was very frightened to watch 1 the cars, buses and taxis moving at great speed. I really wonder how there are so few accidents. All the people must be good at driving.

The people in the city of Mumbai dress very smartly according to the latest fashion. I saw ladies in jeans, mini skirts and salwar kameez. Boys too wore fashionable clothes and had the latest haircut.

A big city may be very attractive yet I prefer to live in my small town. Life in a city is a life of people always in a hurry. They cannot enjoy rest or peace of mind. The houses too are built very close together. People in a big city live in crowded conditions. They find it very difficult to get good spacious houses. In my home town we have plenty of living space and fresh air. We do not have to rush about to catch buses or trains. It is all right to visit a big city only once in a way.

Essay On A Visit to a Big City
Essay On A Visit to a Big City


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