Essay on A Scene at a Bus Stop

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Set 1: Essay on A Scene at a Bus Stop

A bus stop hums with life and activity. At peak hours there is a mad rush. The school and college students, the office goers and the vie with each other to get into the buses.

All sort of people can be seen at a bus stop. Some are impatient and look at their watches at every other second, other are worried and fret. But there are some who wait patiently. They even give smiles to others. Students stand in groups and talk.

It presents an opportunity to study human nature. At most of the stops people try to stand in queues but as soon as a bus is visible, the queue is broken. Everyone just pushes and jostles. There is a lot of confusion then.

At peak hours people try to board a bus whether there is any space in it or not.

Travelling on footboards is very common. It is very dangerous. But it does not deter any one. Pick-pockets have their day at such hours.

Set 2: Essay on A Scene at a Bus Stop

A bus stop presents an interesting scene. Many people are seen at the bus stop, from morning till late evening anxiously waiting for the bus, to reach their destinations. Some people stand in a queue which breaks when a bus arrives. Buses have numbers and destinations written on them. But many illiterate persons and those who are in the habit of breaking the law everywhere, run to board the bus. They do not bother to stand in the queue and wait for their turn.

Only well-mannered and educated persons show patience whenever they want to travel by bus. They don’t break the queue and if there is no queue, they allow the old, the infirm, the ladies and the children to get into the bus first.

Last Saturday I had to go to Navin Shahadra. So I went to the bus stop. There were many persons already waiting for the different buses to reach their destinations. There were men, women, children; young and old. There were also office-goers and school children. There was a lot of noise all around.

The hawkers were shouting at the top of their voice. Buses came, picked up the passengers and left. Everyone seemed to be in a hurry and wanted to board the bus first. Whenever a bus came, people broke the queue. Even educated persons rushed when they saw that no one had the patience to continue standing in the queue. No one cared for the children, women or the old and the weak persons.

Some were trying to get into the bus while others were trying to get down. Some people were getting into the bus through the front door which was meant for the persons who wanted to get down from the bus. There was pushing and pulling. Soon the bus to Navin Shahadra came and I boarded with much difficulty. The scene at a bus stop is a clear manifestation of our selfishness and bad manners. People do not have mercy even for the children and old persons.

Essay on A Scene at a Bus Stop
Essay on A Scene at a Bus Stop


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