Essay On A Visit to the Seaside

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Essay On A Visit to the Seaside

All my life I lived at Ahmedabad. I had never seen the sea except in pictures. I was eager to see the sea.

I got a chance to visit the sea-side when my uncle went on a holiday to Mumbai. He asked me to accompany him. We stayed with our relations. They had a house close to Juhu Beach.

As soon as I landed at Juhu, I had my bath and tea. Then I rushed down to the beach. The sea appeared like a vast stretch of water with miles and miles of sand in front of it. The waves constantly moved towards the shore and then went back. The sea seemed very restless.

My cousins and I walked along the beach. We picked up many kinds of pretty shells. We watched the beautiful sunset at the sea-side. The sun looked like a ball of fire. It suddenly sank into the sea and disappeared from sight. When it was dark we returned home .

The next morning we got up early. We ran down to the beach. My Cousins and uncle went in for a swim. How I wished I could swim too ! The fishermen got ready to set out in their little boats. They went far out across the sea to catch fish. We remained on the beach and watched the sunrise. The place was flooded with light.

The fishermen returned with a big catch of fish each. Their wives and children loaded the fish into baskets. They carried their baskets on their heads. They set out for the market to sell their fish. Little children played on the beach in the evenings. They built sand castles. They waded into the water. They liked to feel the cool water washing their feet. Many vendors sold bhel-puri, pani puri, tender coconut water, ice cream and other eatables. The balloon sellers did a brisk business. We loved to watch the children run about the beach and shout and play happily. It was fun watching them on the giant-wheel and other rides.

My visit to the sea-side was an unforgettable experience. I was sorry when my holiday ended and I had to return to Ahmedabad.

Essay On A Visit to the Seaside
Essay On A Visit to the Seaside


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