Essay On An Exciting One-Day Cricket Match

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Essay On An Exciting One-Day Cricket Match

Yesterday our school played a cricket match against the team of D.A.V. school, Agra on the Maidan grounds.

Our captain won the toss. He decided to bat first. He himself went as an opening batsman. Mohan Sethi was his partner. Both played well. They scored fifty quick runs. But then our captain was run out. Mohan Sethi was caught on the boundary line.

After the dismissal of the opening pair, other batsmen could do nothing. One after the other was out. I was the last man to be out. I made only six runs. We scored only 70. runs.

The opposite team came out to bat. I was in charge of the attack. I took three wickets quickly. The score was 10 runs. I was glad at my performance.

When the last pair was in, the score was 30 runs only. The captain and the wicket keeper were on the crease. Victory was within sight. Only one wicket more and the game was in our pocket. But the rival captain belied our hopes. He cut, hooked and punished every ball. Runs came swiftly. We could not control him.

Our captain made frequent changes. But there was no effect. The last pair had already scored 38 runs.

We were hopeless. Defeat was before us. Victory was possible if we could take one more wicket. There was excitement. As soon as the wicket keeper sent the ball to the boundary line, the game was over. We lost the match by one wicket.

Essay On An Exciting One-Day Cricket Match


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