Essay On My Pet Animals

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Set 1: Essay On My Pet Animals

Animals are an important part to maintain the ecological balance. They are very useful to us in many ways. We use flesh to eat & to make leather to be used to make shoes, bags and belts. Animals like sheep give us wool. Camels and donkeys are used to carry loads. We get egg from hen. Horses are used to pull carts and even are used in army. Elephants are also used to carry load in the regions where it is difficult for the cranes to reach. Wild animals also kept in the zoo for the public to see them. Some animals are domestic animals.

They are kept at home as pets like dogs, birds, fish, cat, goat, cows and buffalo are also very useful as they give us milk. Animals are te beauty of nature. We should not A kill them and step forward to protect them.

Essay On My Pet Animals

Set 2: Essay On My Pet Animals

I have several pets. They are a dog, a cat, a parrot and a number of fish.
My dog’s name is Ringo. He is brown and white in colour. He looks like a small Lion. He has soft brown eyes. He looks gentle and never bites. He loves to run about and play with a ball. He eats bread, biscuits and rice and drinks milk. He is very affectionate. He is uneasy when I am out. He welcomes me home by jumping on me. He wags his tail and licks my hand and face. He feels happy when I pat and stroke his head. Truly he is a very good companion.

My pretty cat’s name is Meenu. She is a gingercoloured Persian cat. She is plump and lovely to look at. She has green eyes and sharp claws. She hides her claws inside her soft paws. She sleeps the whole day long. She keeps awake at night to catch rats and mice. She likes to drink milk and eat fish. She mews loudly when she is hungry. I have a grey African parrot. It has small beady eyes and a red beak. Its beak is curved and sharp. It can crack nuts with its beak. It talks just like a human being. It repeats everything it hears. It calls out to all of us and talks to us. I like it very much.

| also keep a number of fish as pets, I have a small aquarium. The fishes swim in this aquarium. I like to watch them swimming. Sometimes they fight with one another. When I drop food into their tank, it up very fast.

they all rush towards it and swallow I like to keep pets because I love animals. Everyone should have at least one pet. Then he would learn to love animals and make friends with animals.

Set 3: Essay On My Pet Animals

The dog is the most faithful animal. It is the most sincere friend. It is the most obedient servant. It is the most valuable guard. That is why some people keep a pet dog.

I too have a pet dog. I call it Seru. It at once wags its tail and comes running to me. It is short statured. It has long white fur on its body. It looks very attractive. Even the strangers like to carry it and pat its back. Its style of barking is also fascinating.

It is very faithful to me. As soon as I return home, its joy knows no bounds. It begins to wag its tail. It jumps upon me. It sniffs at my feet. It runs about in the house with a sweet barking.

If ever I ani late, it jumps and sits over the boundary wall of the house. It has a good judgement also. It knows who are the welcome visitors. It shows love and respect to the guests. It sits at the feet of my parents. It plays with the children.

It is very intelligent. It can judge dangerous persons. It begins to bark at them. It continues barking until they go away. In this way, it is a very good guard.

It is a very good companion. It follows me whenever I go out for a walk. If I walk, wanders about near me. If I take rest, it sits near me. It is not prepared to leave me alone.

There are other animals which are also faithful. The horse is one among those. But the dog surpasses all those animals.

Set 4: Essay On My Pet Dog

Having a pet of my own is one of the greatest pleasures of my life. I give and get love and affection from my pet. Among pets, the most popular is the dog. Dog has been man’s best friend since centuries. There is no other animal, which is as faithful and as sincere as a dog.

I have a pet dog named Ronald. He belongs to the Doberman pinscher breed. He is a large dog with short dark hair. He is black in colour. He has a shade of golden fur on its neck and chest. He was only one month old when my daddy purchased him from one of his friends and brought him home. The first time I saw him, I was just excited with joy. My happiness had no limits. He looked like a soft black ball and was so cute. The attachment between us since then has grown stronger day-by-day.

Gradually, Ronald grew in confidence. He has become a part of our family. He plays with me. Daily he accompanies me until the gate of my school and then to my tuitions in evening. The very sight of his bright eyes and wagging tail makes me happy. In spite of being playful and friendly, he is very obedientpet. Ronald follows my instructions without any complaints. I have taught him certain things and he has proved to be a quick and intelligent learner. He is a very aggressive pet when it comes to guarding the house. The sight of a stranger at night brings out the soldier in Ronald. He starts barking wildly, to scare him away.

Ronald is allowed to enter into our home. However, he never jumps on the sofa or destroys anything. He has a perfect toilet habits. He loves to be bathed and groomed regularly. I wash his body with a special soap and warm water. He normally eats vegetarian food but also loves to have fish. I give him healthy food. He even eats rice and milk. Once a week, I feed him meat. He also enjoys eating bread, cheese biscuits and cakes. He loves playing with the ball. On every Sunday, we spend some good time playing with my bat and ball.

Ronald’s presence adds fun and enjoyment to my life. God has given me a friend to be cared by and to care for. His company has made me a more responsible and mature child. However, I know that a dog’s life span is very short and a day will come when he would leave me forever. Yet I keep praying to God to let him be with me forever.

Dogs are very faithful. They like their masters who take good care of them. However, my Ronald is more faithful than any other dog. For me he is the best pet in the world.


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