Essay On An Excursion to A Historical Place

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Essay On An Excursion to A Historical Place

Agra is a city having many famous historical buildings. The Red Fort, the Mausoleum of Emperor Akbar at Sikandra, the tomb of Itaimad-ud-Daula, the ruined city of Fatehpur Sikri and the Taj Mahal have great historical value. Our school organised an excursion tour of three days to this famous city. We were provided with a detailed programme and reached Agra at 10.00 a.m. on 15th October by the famous Taj Express.

After resting for some time we visited the Agra Fort, which was built by Akbar in 1573 A.D. on the bank of the river Yamuna. This fort is mostly built in red sand-stone. It is a huge structure having high walls, lofty gateways and octagonal towers. It is enclosed by a massive wall about 2 m. in width and 8 m high. Next, we went to see the then capital city of Fatehpur Sikri and its famous buildings which were also built by Akbar. We saw the Jodha Bai Palace, the House of Birbal, the Panch Mahal, the Diwan-e-Khas, the Diwane-Aam and the famous Buland Darwaza, 10 m. high which was erected to celebrated his victory over the Deccan.

The next day, we went to Akbar’s Mausoleum at Sikandra.. This was built by Emperor Jahangir. It is a 5 uppermost part is built at built of white marble while
The other four storeys are built of red sand-stone. Another et famous building of Jahangir is the tomb of Itaimad-id-Daula (father of Noor-Jehan). It is built of white marble and is famous for its fine coloured inlay work

The next day was à full moon night, therefore, we decided to spend the whole evening at the Tail. We wanted to see it on a moonlit night Shah Jehan built the famous Taj Mahal in the memory beloved Queen Mumtaz. His wife had request him to build a memorial to the great love they had for each other. The Taj Mahal is one of the seven wonders of the world. It is made of white marble It took 12 years to build. The gateway of the central dome, the minarets, the lovely gardens and fine inlay work are the special features this building, Mumaz is buried just ed just below the dome. When Shah Jehan died, he was laid to rest beside his wife Mumtaz Mahal

Essay On An Excursion to A Historical Place


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