Essay On An Hour at a General Hospital

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Essay On An Hour at a General Hospital

Last month / visited a General Hospital. I went to see one of my friends. He had fallen down and fractured his ankle. As we entered the large hospital building we got the strong smell of disinfectants. The place was very clean. It had many wards or sections. was happy to see me. I sat with him My friend a while and cheered him up. I had taken him fruits and flowers and also some books to read. His leg was in a plaster. There were several other patients also in plaster and some had only bandages. The doctor said that there was nothing seriously wrong with my friend. He would soon recover and be sent home.

Then I took a round of the other wards. There were all kinds of people young and old. One little eight year old boy had lost his leg. It had to be amputated. It had been crushed when a lorry went over it. He did not realise what had happened. He went about happily on crutches. It was terrible to see the suffering of little children. They cried most pitifully. Grown up people were also there. Some of them were moaning and groaning with pain.

We were allowed to visit the surgery and the operation theatre. Doctors and nurses moved about silently and did their duty efficiently. The nurses were in spotless white uniforms. The doctors wore long white coats. They had stethoscopes hanging about their necks.

I came away from the hospital a little sad to see so much suffering. But I was happy at the same time. I felt happy because there are selfless people like nurses and doctors to care for the sick and relieve human suffering.

Essay On An Hour at a General Hospital


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