Essay On Social Service-Today

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Essay On Social Service-Today

Social service has been and even today is the greatest need of India. Since Raja Ram Mohan Roy’s period to the days of Mahatama Gandhi, many great men and women have devoted themselves selflessly to the cause of social service.

However the problem of social evils still persists. Thus social reform should be the religion of all the Indians. It is only then that we can recapture our ancient glory and fame. We must all unite. ourselves and try to bring about social reform for the betterment of our nation.

We have to be unselfish while trying to improve the lot of our fellow beings. Let us consider a few ways by which a young educated Indian can serve his nation. The main problem in our country is that of poverty. If we could raise funds regularly so that we can provide money for some poor people it would be a great service to them.

It may not be possible for us to fill homes of the millions of poor people in India but by sharing a little of our own money, but we could organize public functions where the rich and influential can contribute and help to build a capital that can be invested in a bank. The interest from this sum can be used by poor orphans and old people. who have no homes.

We could help farmers to apply for loans and educate them about the best ways to improve their agriculture. Money is not the only kind of help we can impart. Education and know how can also help the farmer to approach his work with sense. He can then use modern methods to improve his farm production.

The dowry system is another evil in our country. By organizing street plays, seminars and by talking to as many people we can about the evils of this system we can help the millions of Indian women who have to undergo the humiliating experience of taking a dowry from their parents.

We have to educate our society about the evils of casteism, provincialism and communalism. We must make the society aware of the need for national integration. All this can be achieved if we all get together and work towards the realisation of an India that is rid of all these evils.

Essay On Social Service-Today


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