Essay On My House on The EighTeenth Floor

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Essay On My House on The EighTeenth Floor

I live in a skyscraper on the eighteenth floor. There are six more storeys above my floor. Below the ground level also there are two storeys in the basement. One of them is used as a parking area and below that there is a store-house hired by a business-magnate of the metropolis.

This is the oldest multi-storeyed building in the city. At that time it was very difficult even to get the building-plan for this building approved by the civic authorities. They had their doubts, objections and bottlenecks. But the architect was an angel. He got it passed by the engineers of the Royal Society in London, who wrote back to the Chief Engineer of the Municipal Board to release the plan of the multistorey, the first of its kind.

The contractors were panicky in the beginning. A firm came to their rescue by accepting the challenge, at the lowest quotation. It took six years in those days of plenty, to erect this monster. Then it cost about 40 million rupees. The people used to come and stare at it. There were a number of stories floating around about it. Some said there was a plan to construct an observatory for the air-force, and others said that it was to help forecast the weather reports. But the fact is that it was meant purely for residences and business houses. In the first six storeys there are offices, mostly banks, chartered accountants, advocates, income tax advisers, leading physicians, and specialists of the town.

The next six storeys are hotels, guest-houses, clubs, chambers of commerce, societies and associations. Six more storeys are offices, and managers’ residences and offices combined. The last six floors are for drivers, peons, caretakers, clerks and typists. In between the tenth and the twelfth storeys, there is a super-store in the skyscraper itself. In this store one can get everything from a paper-pin to a typewriter, and from milk, butter, cheese, jam, biscuits, cakes, toffees, pastries, to flour, sugar, spices, groceries and other domestic supplies.

There is a creche and nursery school also on the sixteenth floor, where about one hundred and twenty children are admitted every year. There are many clinics too. There is a proposal to hire an entire storey for a secondary school, adjacent to a hotel complex on the tenth floor. This will solve the problem of students of my age. One can enjoy films at the clubs and canteens on various floors. People can even enjoy a play or a concert in place of a movie.

My house on the eighteenth floor is a boon in the modern scientific age. But I do not forget the electricity failures, when the whole system goes to dogs, since the lifts do not work for long hours. It is only at such times that we start cursing ourselves and pine for our villages and small towns with green and open areas.

Essay On My House on The EighTeenth Floor


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