Essay On Social Service League in School

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Essay On Social Service League in School

It was a pleasant and really an appreciable sight to see one day, young boys in school uniform guiding and guarding the traffic on the road crossing which had no red light. Eager to know how and why they were there doing this risky job, one who was a stand-by pleasantly said, “This is a part of the job that our school social service league has assigned to us for today. ‘Remarkable’ was my reaction and my curiosity grew more to know more what this ‘Social Service League of the school was. When the duty of the one on the traffic crossing pedestal was over and he stepped down to be replaced by another. I asked the one who had stepped down – ‘Oh! wonderful, but let me know what this Social Service League of your school is and what its programme is?’

The boy very pleasantly as if with a sense of achievement told me –
“There is a Social Service League which has been formed by the students of the school themselves under the guidance of two teachers. Saturdays the school keeps a holiday and this is the day allotted for social work. There are in all ten batches of students of the senior classes. They are assigned different Social Service Ventures turn by turn. One batch goes to the slums nearby to teach children who do not go to schools. They play with them and teach them as they play. The children enjoy playing and this makes their learning enjoyable to them. Now the children wait for a Saturday when boys would be there with new games to play and then teach them. During just one month the children have learnt counting upto hundred and writing some alphabets. Gradually they would learn to read and write.

Another batch does the cleaning of the lanes of the slums. Seeing them doing the cleaning with brooms and baskets the women of the slums come out and have begun to give their helping hand in the process.

The garbage thus collected is deposited in a big pit that existed there and it is covered with earth.

Still another batch goes round telling about sanitation and health problems. They also carry some basic medicines which they have procured through donations from chemists of the area.

There is one batch which plants ‘saplings’ of trees and puts enclosures around them in the area around the school.

We also plan to go to the neighbouring villages during longer holidays, stay there, share the life of the villagers, show them films on sanitation, on diseases that occur due to bad sanitation, present street plays on social evils like child marriage, untouchability and dowry. We sing and dance and play and the village folk enjoy it and learn from us. Not only that they also have begun singing, dancing and enjoying what we are doing. They are becoming a part of our programme. Once we are able to inspire them we shift to another village and keep revisiting the earlier villages which we had undertaken under our scheme.

We find a lot of change in the ways and views of the village folk and that “gives us so much of satisfaction that our efforts have succeeded”.

I felt really overwhelmed with the energy, the enthusiasm and the dedication with which these boys were working. Their Social Service League was doing a really good work.

Schools all over should follow this example and if they really do, the society would be so much benefitted. People would become conscious of the social problems and may begin working themselves in their own localities to carry on the good work. Such a Social Service League of this school is something which sets an example worthy of being followed.

Essay On Social Service League in School


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