Essay On Sights and Sounds at a Village Well

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Essay On Sights and Sounds at a Village Well

A village well presents a lively scene. All the women of the village gather at the well. They bring their utensils and clothes to wash at the well. They help one another to draw water from the well.

While draining water, the women talk, laugh and gossip. A village has no newspaper, but people exchange news by meeting one another. Thus they come to know all that their neighbours do.

Besides people, cows also come to drink water at the well. It is nice to see the stone troughs being filled with water for the cattle to drink. People in the village are generally friendly. But sometimes two women may quarrel. For some reason or the other, they exchange angry words. They shout at each other. If they are very angry, they might even beat each other and pull each others’ hair. When temper rise the others intervene and try to pacify them. They become friends again.

The village well is a kind of club. It is a meeting place for all the women of the village. After finishing their washing, the women return to their huts carrying pots of water on their head and plenty of news to discuss back at home.

Essay On Sights and Sounds at a Village Well


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