Essay On Solar Energy As A Ray Of Hope

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Essay On Solar Energy As A Ray Of Hope

Solar energy is a a non-conventional form of energy. It means that this form of energy is renewable, ecologically safe and available in plenty. It is renewable because it can be controlled carefully or replaced naturally. Such energy can be used without the risk of ruining short. Solar energy cannot be completely used or exhausted. As certain things are easily available to us, we have the habit of not appreciating and caring them. We neglect the Sun as the most powerful and significant source of energy that is available on the Earth.

Sun provides us light and warmth. We can use solar energy available from the Sun in our day-today household tasks. Our daily works like drying our clothes, heating the water, drying grains, vegetables, etc. can be done with the help of solar energy. With the help of modern technology, it has become possible to use solar energy for lighting bulbs, turning the fans on, using rechargeable lights, etc.

Solar energy has become very important for developing country like India. India is one of the privileged countries in the world that receives plenty of sunlight for a long period every day. Sunshine cannot be used up like other resources of energy like wood, water and coal. It does not get used up. As soon as Sun rises in the sky, we get sunshine. As the sunlight does not belong to any single individual or group of people, all rich, poor, old, young, men, women can use it.

The most important advantage of using solar energy is that it does not cause harm to the environment. It is eco-friendly in nature. It does not cause any kind of pollution. Although there are vast advantages of using solar energy, many people do not use it. There are number of people who are unaware about the use of solar energy. Some do not know how to store it. People have no knowledge of how to continue the use of this energy after the sunset.

A few years ago, an expensive technology was developed by the scientists to convert solar energy into electricity. Thus, it became possible to convert solar energy into electricity and store it. Government encourages people to use solar energy. We can save electric energy by using different solar devices like solar water heater, solar lights, solar cookers, etc. More importantly, we can save our money.

The word ‘sunshine’ is usually used to refer happiness and joy in our lives. We can say that in today’s world that faces energy shortage, sunshine may be a ray of hope in the form of solar energy.

Essay On Solar Energy As A Ray Of Hope


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