Essay On Techniques To Improve Agricultural Productivity

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Essay On Techniques To Improve Agricultural Productivity

Tillage, irrigation, use of modern machines and agricultural tools, pest control, good quality seeds and fertilizers are some of the important application to improve agricultural productivity. To feed the projected population of the mid-21st century, agricultural efficiencies would have to be far greater than is currently in the case of most countries.

Agricultural productivity can take place only if technologies are greatly improved and substantial financial support is provided by wealthier countries.

Tillage is one of the oldest agricultural practices. It is also known as ploughing. In ploughing, the soil is turned over before the seeds are sowed. Some of the important advantages of this practice are mixing of the nutrients in the soil and loosening the soil to make the roots penetrate deep in the soil. Tillage also helps to introduce oxygen in the soil.

For good productivity of crops, semi dry land requires irrigation. Irrigation brings about an assured supplied of water compared to unpredictable rainfall. However, the efficiency of most of the irrigation system is not very high. In early 1700s, various agricultural inventions like seed drill, cotton gin, etc. took place in Europe. This helped in increasing the agricultural productivity. This was an important period of agricultural development.

Different types of pests have always challenged humans for food. Pests can be microscopic as well as animals like rats and elephants. Initially farmers protected their crops by putting herb based poisons on plants. However, today, synthetic chemicals, sprays and pesticides are used to protect crops from pests. Good quality of seeds are developed by the scientists. These seeds have helped the farmers to produce good crops. This has brought about Green Revolution and the production of grains has increased. Seeds for dry farming are also developed by the scientists. Such seeds are used in areas where there is almost no rainfall.

Initially before, farming was dependent upon natural materials like ground bones, wood ashes, etc. This helped in improving the fertility of land. Today, scientists have invented elements such as phosphorous, nitrogen and potassium that increases the fertility of land. Fertilizers containing these elements have been discovered. Chemical fertilizers are used by the farmers for the growth of their plans.

Knowledge of genetics has brought about revolution in agriculture. Genetic engineering has been used to produce bigger quality fruits. Moreover, artificial fertilization is used to breed cows that produce more milk and chicken that lay more eggs.

Essay On Techniques To Improve Agricultural Productivity


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