Essay On The Annual Function of My School

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Set 1: Essay On The Annual Function of My School

The year being over, the school arranged the annual function the annual feature of the school. On this occasion a grand pandal got erected in the school campus with a big dias, with curtains, banners and buntings. On the back curtain behind the dias was a big banner Annual Function 2002.

The principal had invited an eminent educationist from the capital town to be the Chief Guest. Teachers were made in charge of the different items of the function assisted by a batch of students. It was at 4 p.m. that the function was to be held.

The whole campus and the college building had been cleaned up; the whole pandal was beautifully decorated. Chairs for the guests had been arranged, leaving a passage in between for the Chief Guest to reach the dias. A red carpet was laid over the pathway. Those in charge of the different items of the function had been there since morning, one looking after this, the other looking after that. The teacher incharge of the sound system was again and again testing the mike- with a ‘hello’, ‘hello’. The footlights had been arranged and so were the lighting all over within and without the pandal.

The teachers incharge of the ‘At Home’ were busy along with their batch of students laying down the tables – the plates cups all in their places.

It was the Prize giving function to be followed by a few cultural items which were adjudged the best in the last evening show. The Prizes were all arranged on one side of the dias on big tables and the teachers in charge were comparing them with the list and arranging them in order.

Guests began to arrive by 3.30 p.m. Those in charge of receiving the guests were busy directing them to the appropriate section meant for them. Students to receive the prizes were seated in the same order in an enclosure arranged for them.

It was time now for the Chief Guest to arrive. The principal and members of the Committee waited at the gate. The Chief Guest kept to time and arrived just at the appointed time. He was received by the principal, was introduced to the members of the Committee and they entered the gates. They were welcomed by the girls dressed in the school uniform showering flowers over them. The teacher on the mike announced the arrival of the Chief Guests; the audience in the pandal stood up at their place till the Chief Guest took his seat on the dias along with the principal and the president of the Committee.

The atmosphere was sombre. Garlands were presented to the Chief Guest by the principal and the president.
The principal took the mike and welcomed the Chief Guest and also the other distinguished guests of the evening. He presented a brief report of the school its achievements during the year and plans for future.

Then the prize giving function started. The toppers of all the classes were called upon to receive the momentoes. Then a special Gold Medal was presented to the ‘Best Student of the Year’ for all-round achievements.

The student who had topped at the Board’s Examination was worthily awarded a Gold Medal and his parents father as well as mother were also duly honoured. This was loudly clapped and cheered by the whole audience. – Prizes were also awarded for the cultural show, debate, Quiz competition, on the spot painting competition. It was all so encouraging to the participants. Then were presented some specially selected cultural items dances and songs – which had been adjudged as the best. This was in honour of the Chief Guest in particular.

And then the Chief Guest was requested to say a few words. He eloquently praised the school for its achievements and congratulated the boys and girls for receiving prizes as also greatly praised the teachers for their efforts and the principal for his guidance. Then he spoke about education and examinations and made some valuable observations and suggestions.

The president of the Committee then thanked the Chief Guest and all those who had honoured the school with their presence.

The function ended with the National Anthem.The Chief Guest and those who had specially been invited for it, finally joined at the Tea Party in which students who had received the prizes also joined. It was a great day for them – a great honour; but they had duly deserved it.

It was late evening. The campus stood duly the Annual illuminated and all felt greatly relieved Function had passed off so successfully.

Essay On The Annual Function of My School

Set 2: Essay On A School Function

We celebrated our Prize Distribution function on 25th February this year. Seth Narendra Nath of Lucknow agreed to preside.

The school was white washed and decorated. A reception committee was formed. An interesting programme was chalked out. Sitting arrangements were made. The chief guest arrived at 3 p.m. He was greeted and garlanded by the reception committee. Other guests also came in time.

The function began with the school prayer. A drama was staged. The next item was a song by Aditya. He sang sweetly. Everybody liked the song sung by the handicapped boy.

Our Principal read out the annual report of the school. Then he requested the chief guest to give away the prizes. The distribution of the prizes took an hour. Suresh Chand of class IX B got seven prizes. He was first everywhere. I got a prize for long jump.

When the prize distribution was over the chief guest spoke for a short while. He appreciated the school discipline. He wished for the progress of the school. After consulting the Principal, he announced one day’s holiday. It pleased everyone. The function was over at 7 p.m. then we returned home joyfully.


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