Essay On Stranded on The Highway

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Essay On Stranded on The Highway

I was going to attend an interview. I kept my certificates and testimonials in a file, and started about an hour before the scheduled time. My bus luckily arrived on time that day, and I got a seat also, since it was the early bus and the office rush was yet not on.

Reaching the highway my bus was forced to stop abruptly, as there was no passage further. The road had been blocked by empty drums of oil and petrol, piled up by the transport employees, who were on strike that day.

I noticed cars, taxis, scooters and even motorcycles, parked one after the other, in long queues. Many trucks and buses were also caught in the jam. The call for the strike was sudden and unplanned. One taxi-driver had picked up a quarrel with a police sergeant, who, in his rage, was reported to have slapped the driver. Thereupon, all the vehicles were made to stop then and there.

There was no alternative. No private car, not even a bus was allowed to move from there. I left my bus and only after walking a long distance, could get someone to help me in reaching the place for the interview, scheduled to be held at 10 a.m.

He was the Section Officer of the same office, going in his car to hold the interview that day. Thus, though I was very badly stranded at the highway, I was able to seek a lift by sheer self-help.

Essay On Stranded on The Highway


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