Essay On The Autobiography of an Old Umbrella

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Essay On The Autobiography of an Old Umbrella

I am meant to protect you from rain and sun. So you can consider me as your companion and friend. I am now in a sorry state but, believe it or not, I was once young and beautiful.

I was born in a factory. I had strong steel ribs and was covered with durable black taffeta. I looked very pretty when I left the factory.

From the factory, my companions and I were sent to an umbrella shop. A fashionable young man bought me for two hundred rupees. He was very pleased with his purchase. His family admired me too. This fashionable young man was very forgetful. Once he forgot me in a bus. A poor man sitting next to him picked me up. He carried me home with great pride. His wife thought that he had stolen me. She knew that he could not afford such an expensive umbrella. But then he explained how he had found me and she was satisfied.

One day this poor man went to a movie. There I was stolen by a small boy who left the cinema house before the show was over. This boy was very mischievous. He threw me high up in the air and tried to catch me, one of his friends snatched me away. He ran away as fast as his legs could carry him. He sold me to a second-hand dealer.

I lay in his shop for some weeks. The place was full of rats. They gnawed at my cloth cover and made holes in it and this is how I happen to be in this sorry state. I am patiently waiting for someone to pick me up and carry me away from this dirty old shop. In return for his kindness, I promise him protection and shelter from the pouring rain or hot sun. I wonder who will rescue me from this prison.

Essay On The Autobiography of an Old Umbrella


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