Essay On The Autobiography of a Fountain Pen

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Essay On The Autobiography of a Fountain Pen

You like to look at me, don’t you? I am a Parker Fountain Pen. I have a slim black body and a beautiful gold cap. My master is very proud of me.

You cannot imagine how useful I am. With my aid, you can write for hours together. You do not have to stop to replenish your stock of ink. My body is stored with all the ink you need for long hours of writing work.

I have many years of service to my credit. I was born in a factory and sold to a large store. I was bought from this store by a famous writer. He treated me very well. How proud I am to think that I have helped him to put down all his great thoughts on paper. His hand is soft and gentle. He never exerts much pressure on my nib when he writes. He handles me with great care.

When his work is over, he locks me away in his writing desk. I am afraid that his little son might snatch me away in his absence and spoil me.

I remember how his little son once threw a tantrum. He shouted and cried. He insisted on having me. But his father was very firm. He did not allow him to have me. He made him forget about me by giving him an ice-cream.

You must admit that I am a great boon to writers. How much time they would have wasted if I were not there. So they are thankful that I exist. As for me I am very happy with my master. I look forward to many more fruitful years in his pleasant company. I hope that he and I will never be parted.

Essay On The Autobiography of a Fountain Pen


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