Essay on A Bus Journey

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Essay on A Bus Journey

Last summer I made a journey by bus. I went to my native place which is about 80 kilometres away from my home. I was going to see my grandparents during my holidays.

I set out early in the morning for the State Transport, Bus Depot. I bought my ticket and waited for the bus with other passengers. As soon as the bus came, all of us rushed into it. There was a terrible scramble for seats. I was lucky enough to secure a window seat The bus was overcrowded. There were many passengers standing in the gangway. The conductor sounded the bell, and the bus started.

The roads were dusty. We swallowed a lot of dust. We left the city and came out into the countryside. The roads were rough. We were jerked about in our seats. The roads made the bus, bump up and down. Some of the passengers felt very dizzy. They got sick. Little children and babies screamed. They were frightened and uneasy. Once our bus was about to collide with a truck. The driver suddenly pushed the brake, and we were saved from an accident. There was a sudden jerk as he pushed the brake. Most of us fell forward. The passengers in the gangway suffered the most. They fell on those who were sitting.

The scenes outside were interesting. There were green fields and meadows in which cows and sheep grazed. Children ran out of their huts and waved at us as the bus passed.

We had completed about three fourths of our journey when a type burst with a loud explosion. We were stranded. We had to wait patiently till another was replaced in its place. The sun was unbearably hot, we had to wait for two and a half hours until its replacement. We then proceeded once more on our journey.

At last I reached my destination tired and cramped. My grandfather was there to receive me. He gave me a warm welcome. I forgot all the troubles of my tedious bus journey.

Essay on A Bus Journey


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