Essay On The Life Of A Street Beggar

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Essay On The Life Of A Street Beggar
Essay On The Life Of A Street Beggar

Essay On The Life Of A Street Beggar

Many people earn their living by begging. It is very unfortunate to be a beggar. A beggar’s life is full of misery, unhappiness, suffering, starvation, sorrow, and poverty. He lives a different life than others. Although most of the people feel shame even to stand beside a beggar. However, there are few who feel sorry to see his condition. Such people help him in the best way possible.

A street beggar has to lead a hard and miserable life. There can be many reasons behind one leading a life of a beggar. The early death of parents due to no work and poverty, bad company, unhealthy family atmosphere, pressure, and threats from some bad people, are some of them. Such conditions force a person to live a beggar’s life.

A street beggar’s life is left at the pities of fortune. There is neither schooling nor any love and affection from his parents. Sometimes a child is left alone by parents in childhood. Such a child is not looked at by the relatives. He is treated very badly. His hard-luck doubles when he is thrown out of his own house to beg. Each day he has to struggle to feed himself. Until he has a few coins, he can partly fill his belly. Sometimes he has to drink dirty water

and eat unhealthy food. He may not get a chance to have a bath, sometimes even for months. He does not have good and clean clothes to wear and most of the time he has to stay barefoot.

He stays somewhere at the corner of the footpath. Sometimes he has to pass sleepless nights due to an empty stomach. He has to protect himself from stray dogs, especially during the nights. As he has no permanent shelter, he has to live in the open in all the seasons. Quietly he has to bear the heat of the sun and the rain. He has to pass his nights shivering in cold. He has nothing much to protect himself. Forcefully he has to live a life filled with illness, diseases, and infections, as he has no money to take care of himself.

The life of a street beggar is hopeless. His future is in darkness. With increasing age, his condition becomes bad to worst. No strength is left in his body. He can hardly move his limbs and stand on his feet. No one shows mercy. We can say that a beggar is God’s discarded child.


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