Essay On Poverty

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Essay On Poverty

Our country ranks as one of the poorer countries of the world. Poverty in India as in other countries is a curse. It keeps the country from progressing. Poverty is one of the reason for the uncontrolled population growth in India which in turn adds more to the poverty of the land.

I believe that poverty can be wiped out of the face of our country. The first need in order to move in this direction would be for all our party leaders to unite as one and take on eradication of poverty as their prime goal. Once they are of one mind they can then as a body convince themselves and other nations as well of the futility of war, of manufacturing arms and ammunitions and maintain a huge army at collossal costs.

Instead, if they could get all the nations to agree to form an International Police force that would oversee all the nations and severely punish erring nations, we could have global peace. In addition there would not be any need for India and others, for that matter, to set aside huge sums of money for the defence of the country. The army jawans could be constructively occupied doing that would be useful to the country’s progress.

The money thus saved could be used to house and provide jobs and educate the masses, so as to bring every one in the country to a paint, where no one in the country would be uneducated and lack a job. There would be food and money for all. People would be contented and peace will pervade the land.

Essay On Poverty


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