Essay On a Bank Robbery

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Set 1: Essay On a Bank Robbery

On Friday, a daring bank robbery took place in the Karim Ganj branch of the Punjab National Bank. It was a well planned operation. At the closing hours of the bank, five persons entered the bank with pistols in their hands. Their faces were covered with masks. The bank watchman was shot at and wounded.

One robber stood at the entrance and four entered the building of the bank. They fired shots in the air to frighten the staff. The robbers pushed the Manager and the staff at gun point, into the strong room and locked them there. Four robbers went behind the cash counter and packed the currency notes in their bags.

It was a quick, planned operation. It was all over within a few minutes. After having stuffed all the booty in the cases, the bandits rushed out of the bank building. They got into the waiting car and fled away. The Manager somehow managed to ring the alarm bell. The police van arrived soon but it was too late by then. The culprits had gone miles away by this time. There was no clue for the police. Next day, the car used by the robbers was found near a deserted place in Shakeelpur. It was reported to be a stolen car. Investigations are going on.

Essay On a Bank Robbery


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