Essay On A Hot Day in Summer

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Set 1 : Essay On A Hot Day in Summer

Summer, monsoon and winter are the three important seasons in our country. During the summer people grumble about the heat and long for the rains. Last summer I had a very bad experience. It was a day in the middle of June. Although it was the summer holidays I had to go to the Tolley Club for a tennis match. I could not miss it, as it was the semi-finals.

I arrived at the club at 8.30 a.m. I was told that the games would be delayed by one hour. I sat on the sideline bench and waited with the others. It was beginning to get hot. I found a shady spot and moved there. In less than half moved there. In less than was sun was creeping towards me.

My coach, Mr Dey arrived and told me that I would play in the second game and on the hard court. The first game started and it was exciting to watch the players. By now it was getting hotter I had already finished half the bottle of water and I was still thirsty.

It was at 11.30 that the game started. In the beginning I was able to run around the court quite easily .As the game continued the sun was almost overhead. Now it was extremely hot. My shirt was drenched with perspiration from the heat of the sun and from running around on the court.

The heat drained me of all my energy and by the end of the game I could hardly stand. The worst part was, I lost the game.

Essay On A Hot Day in Summer
Essay On A Hot Day in Summer

Set 2 : Essay On A Hot Day in Summer

India is a land of many seasons. There are five seasons and they are spring, summer, autumn, rainy and winter, . Summer season in many parts of India brings a lot of trouble for the people. It is dusty and there is a terrible heat during this season. There is scarcity of water and people have to star,d in long queues to get a bucket of water. There is load-shedding as the demand for electricity increases manifold.

In summer, the days are longer and the nights shorter. In some cities like Delhi and Chennai, it is very hot in the early morning itself. People perspire and as the day progresses, a very hot wind called ‘loo’ starts blowing. By noon, roads are almost deserted. Dogs sit under the shade of trees with their tongues hanging out. People do not feel like going out of their houses. Shopkeepers also down their shutters and take rest. People remain inside their houses in front of coolers. Employees in the government and private offices feel very uncomfortable and lethargic.

The fans do not give relief and it becomes difficult to pass time. Cold water provides some relief but only for a short while. People, especially those who are homeless, old and weak and who have no roof over their heads find the summer heat unbearable and many of them die. There are reports of deaths all over India due to extreme hot conditions.

The sun becomes slightly bearable in the evening when some activity resumes. After sunset, people come out of their houses for shopping etc. Office-goers go back to their homes after the work and get some relief in the evening.

A hot day in summer is a very tough day for all the inhabitants of a hot place, be it a city or a town. Failure of electricity adds fuel to the fire and all pray to the Almighty for the summer season to come to an end soon.

Set 3 : Essay On A Hot Day in Summer

Every season has its own joys and pains; the summer in Delhi is very harsh but the respite one gets from it while indoors is so sweet that the pain is forgotten and enjoyment gets heightened.

India is a land of many seasons. We can experience the severe cold of winter, the pleasant weather during autumn and spring, the humidity of the rainy season and the harsh heat of summer.

People of Delhi have to bear extreme hot and sunny weather from March till September every year. The sun is harsh and cruel, the heat is scorching. It becomes difficult to walk in the open especially in the afternoon.

The blazing sun makes you tired and one perspires profusely. Even an umbrella cannot provide respite, You get drenched in your sweat as if you have been out in the rain.

One looks for refuge, one looks for places with shade to walk under but unfortunately, with hardly any trees around, there is no escape. It is difficult to find any shade other than the bus stops where already you can find people crowded together.

The hot winds, which are known as ‘loo’, add to the force of the heat. If you are travelling on a two wheeler the hot winds hit you with force. The whole body seems to burn under the merciless heat of the sun.

You want to rush to the shelter of your homes where you can sit under the fan or cooler or air conditioner. As a matter of fact, it is a pain to move out during the summer days, for Delhi is like a furnace.
Even for shopping, one prefers to go to the Malls rather than to markets like Karol Bagh, Connaught Place. If rain start, it adds to our woes as it becomes humid and sultry-it is like having a sauna bath.

As a matter of fact the dry heat is better than the humidity which sets in, due to the onset of the rainy season. In the hot weather drinking cold water and having cold drinks is indeed very refreshing. I love to have Rooh Afza and also enjoy swimming. I can remain in the pool for hours together.

After 6’o clock, in the evening, it is a little better but still one cannot survive without an air conditioner. There is no doubt that one enjoys sitting at home, watching the television and playing indoor games.

Luckily for students, the month of May and June are summer holidays thus one is saved from travelling in a school bus or walking and then sitting in a hot class room under fans which appear to be moving slowly. It is painful to be sitting at one place and trying to concentrate on studies, sweating profusely though the breeze of the fan does cool you a little with your shirt drying up but the smell of sweat is so repulsive that one looks forward to going home and enjoy the luxury of the air conditioner.

Though hell outside, it is heaven inside, making summertime, with schools closed, a student’s delight.

Set 4 : Essay On A Hot Day in Summer

The summer vacation had begun and I had to stay at home most of the time. My parents had decided to remain in Delhi all through the summer. I was extremely disappointed.

Delhi is known for its extreme climate and I began to dread the summer of Delhi. It becomes so not that one is not allowed to play outdoors.

There is always a risk of a sunstroke or heatstroke. Even if one plays in the evening the heat makes it impossible for anyone to enjoy the game. The worst months in Delhi are May and June. & men for It was the 25th June. I woke up late in the morning as usual. Most of my friends were away to hill stations and I was at a loose end. I didn’t know what to do to keep myself pleasantly occupied the whole day.

Much against my mother’s wishes, I decided to go to the movie theatre all by myself. There was a good movie on at Plaza which is in Cannaught Place. I set out from home at 10.30 A.M. for the noon show,

In the scorching heat of mid-June. I set out on foot to get to the bus stop. After what seemed like a lifetime I reached the bus stop and found a shady comer to stand and wait.

It was almost ten minutes since I had been waiting for the bus to arrive. I began to feel faint in the heat. My thirst knew no bounds and I felt my throat gradually drying up. Finally the bus arrived and I found a window seat.

The journey was uncomfortable to say the least. There were people in the bus who were also suffering the effect of the intense heat. The bus was crowded which made it even more difficult for anyone to breathe fresh air. I thanked God when my stop arrived.

The line for the tickets was so long that I almost decided to go back home. The thought of getting bored at home kept me back and after spending half and hour of cursing and grumbling in the line I bought the ticket.

The movie started and after an hour there was a power failure. I cursed my luck and began to feel claustrophobic in the packed, hot, dark theatre.

The generators were set to work and soon the electricity was restored. I thanked God when I reached home after two hours. The comfort of my cool home brought life back into me.


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