Essay On My Birthday Party

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Essay On My Birthday Party

Last Monday I attended a birthday party of my friend. It was his fifteenth birthday. He celebrated it with great pomp and show.

He had invited all his friends and relatives. The arrangement of part was done in hall of a hotel. I, along with other friends reached there in time.

His parents were standing at the door of the hall. They greeted all the guests arriving at the hotel. They greeted us and welcomed us in the party. We entered the hall and took our seat.

We were offered cold drinks and snacks. My friends Gagan was busy in meeting his relatives. Gagan saw us and came to meet us.

We wished him happy birthday and presented him the gift. He asked us to take cold drinks and enjoy ourselves. The guests kept on coming.

In late evening the cake cutting ceremony started. A big table was put in the centre of the hall. A huge cake was on the table. Gagan and his parents stood by the table.

All other relatives gathered there. Gagan blew off the candles and cut the cake. Everybody clapped and sang happy birthday to you. Gagan gave a piece of cake to his mother and father. Every body wished him long happy life.

After this dinner started and we took our dinner. Music started playing dance songs. People started dancing on the dance floor. We also danced with Gagan for some time. It was getting late. We decided to leave. We met Gagan and once again congratulated him on his birthday. We also congratulating his parents and took their leave.

It was a nice evening. We were feeling tired. We came back to our house late in the night.

My Birthday Party Essay


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