Essay On Cable And Satellite Television

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Set 1:Essay On Cable And Satellite Television

The broadcasting system in India has been revolutionised by commercial satellites. The massive developing market of television viewers has attracted many foreign satellite companies to start their business in India.

Due to the coming up of new channels, Indian families are enjoying interesting educative, comedy, romantic, horror and thrilling television programmes. Viewers have a very wide variety of programmes to select from as per their liking and interest. Moreover, they can enjoy at any hour of the day. They can switch on their television sets during their leisure hours. Thus, the cable television system, based on satellite broadcast, has occupied the homes and lives of millions of viewers across the globe.

People belonging to all age groups whether young, old, children, men, women, rural and urban folks have great attraction of viewing television. Sports, news, films, different types of serials and music have won the hearts of million. Music channels have become a craze among young people because of their loud music, bright colours, dances, fashionable clothing and modern musical instruments. Thus, the common viewers seem to be overwhelmed.

However, the prosperity of cable and satellite television has negatively affected studies, rest, sleep, social life and the joys of personal conversation. Children shirk their schoolwork. They pass their time in watching sports, movies, serials, cartoons and songs on television. Thus, it is not wrong to say that cable and satellite television has disturbed the viewers’ work schedule and sleep because of long and late hours of watching television. All this has also adverse effect in terms of mental health and pility, productivity, efficiency and tolerance levels. However, in coming times, this universal entertainment is likely to create many more difficulties that are yet not judged and identified.

With the growing popularity of satellite and cable television, many new satellite companies have joined the race. Some of the globally important satellite companies are Japan’s JCSAT, Inter sputnik of Russia, with its Express satellite series, etc. The Door darshan uses two transponders of PAS-4 satellite for its international broadcast. One of them is meant to beam programmes to United States and the second to United Kingdom. The Russian Express series is a new generation satellite. Many satellite television channels in India are linked to it. All these indicate the steady increase in the popularity of cable and satellite television.

Essay On Cable And Satellite Television

Set 2:Essay On Cable T.V.

There have been many inventions of science for the purpose of entertainment of man. We have the radio, the cinema, the television and many other items. Now it is the Cable T.V. As Cable T.V. has provided all entertainment at people’s homes, the cinema halls have suffered a great setback. Many of them have shut down. It has given a big jolt to the film industry as well.

The Cable T.V. is not only a means of recreation, but also a means of knowledge. There are many programmes which are educative, informative and constructive. Many serials like ‘Discovery’, ‘Animal Kingdom Life’, ‘Under Sea Life’ are educative and for enhancement of knowledge. Some serials, through their themes teach us how we should lead a life of cooperation and happiness. There are some serials which throw light upon the corrupt nature of the modern society. Even children can come to know that there are many people on this earth who wear white clothes but have black hearts and poisonous tongues. These children can know the reality of men and their evil nature. They can keep away from the evil and can make efforts to cure and reform the society. Thus the Cable T.V. is serving a great purpose.

Like other industries, it has also become a small industry. It provides employment to people, though on a very small scale. It gives encouragement to small investors to have some sort of self-employment. They are also a source of income to the government. Through taxes the cable operators have to pay to the income tax department. The Ministry of Information and Broadcasting rent out the channels to different T. V. productions and thus earns money.

Cable T.V. has many disadvantages too. The students waste their precious time in watching movies on Cable T.V. Thus they ignore and neglect their studies. Parents have to repeatedly remind their children to switch off the T.V. and devote time to studies. They are always under tension because instead of progress, their studies suffer. Another evil is that youths adopt evil ways and habits easily to which they are exposed through the various serials. The children are innocent and they fail to understand the real and the unreal. true and untrue. They want to do what they see.

Our serials have adopted somewhat westernized trends in showing some scenes. The children are affected and influenced by these serials. They do not fit into the Indian context. Most of our modern youth being under the influence of western culture have forgotten their own culture.

But Cable T.V. can not be held responsible for all these problems. It it a media of entertainment and a very useful method of imparting education.

Set 3:Essay On Cable T.V.

Cable networks are a recent phenomenon in India when compared to video and Television. It started in India in 1984, patronized first by tourist hotels. Cable television offers its subscribers a large number of special-interest channels as well as signals of local area, and superstation channels, with special-interest and “Superstation channels imparted by satellite.

In cable TV, programmes are ‘piped’ to viewer’s sets from an ideally placed common antennae, instead of each viewer individually receiving signals from his/her private antennae (Kumar, 1989).

It has the advantage of improved reception from local transmitters and offers the possibility of relaying services from distant and foreign transmitters beyond the reach of domestic antennae. Thus, ‘ it provides the subscriber with access to multiple channels.

Cable networks fall under the purview of the Indian Telegraph Act 1985, which lays down no restrictions except for requiring a license when cables are to be laid across public property. Now a days, many housing societies or multi storeyed buildings are connected with a central control room from where video players transmit taped programmes.

Though, it does not present as wide and personal a selection of programme content as video, it does offer similar programming at less cost. Cable TV operators do originate some programmes of their own related to local events, such as celebration of festivals. They also carry local advertisements.

Cable TV brings variety of national and international channels to the cable linked households. In India the victim of instant communication has been Door darshan. Satellite transmission not only made communication easy and instant but also brought in competition. Now days, DD is making strenuous efforts to improve image.

Set 4: Essay On Satellite T.V.

Life without entertainment is monotonous and dull. In order to remove the drudgery, boredom and dullness from life we need *recreation. The modern methods like radio, transistor and `T.V. provide a variety programmes. Satellite T.V. is one of them.

Satellite T.V. is a system in which signals are sent along the wires to the TV sets attached to the different houses after they have been transmitted to a central receiver. One can see virtual air invasion in the modern age of television media. We have MTV, Zee TV, Star TV, B.B.C TV, Sports TV etc. and with special access to a special antenna i.e. dish antenna either directly or via a cable. operator. In this TV, a three metre dish antenna is wired to several hundred households with a monthly fee of Rs 300-400 depending upon the locality you live in. The popular programmes are thus relayed via communication satellites which is caught by adjustment through the dish of the antenna. In this way one can enjoy the programmes based on entertainment, science, education, sports, general knowledge, hot news etc. round the clock.

Previously it was T.V. and now the Satellite T.V. the choicest but the worst-gift of science to man. It is a good servant but a bad master. It is like a double edged sword. It is becoming popular day by day and has reached even remote villages. The reason is not too far to seek. It caters to the demands of both the common and influential people. So far as educational programmes or current issues or scientific programmes are concerned, it is a very useful media The innovative programmes can be specially prepared and telecast to the exclusive viewers. If rightly used this medium can bring about a silent constructive revolution. However it is a matter of grave concern that it is rather sickening the society.

Many a times satellite T.Vs cater to the cheap demands of the masses. There is. an overdose of vulgar programmes and advertisements. It is spoiling the whole, specially the young generation. The sublime and decent ideas are being trampled underfoot. Children are becoming satellite T.V. addicts. It has become a status symbol too. Children hardly explore life in their own way. They are merely passive spectators. Their mind is being brain washed by this media. The cheap entertainment and the dazzling colours spoil their character and affects their eye sight too. It teaches many wrong and vicious habits.

The government should put a check on vulgar programmes so that the boon of science does not turn out to be a bane.


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