Essay On My Class Room

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Set 1: Essay On My Class Room

I study in Blue Bells School. It has a fine new building. My classroom is situated on the first floor. It is a big room. The room is spacious. It is fourty feet long and thirty feet wide.

It has four doors and three windows. It has five ventilators. There is one almirah in my class room. The floor of the room is made of chips. I read in class IX.

There are sixty students in my class room. There is a separate table and chair for every student. There is a big table and a chair for the teacher. The tables and chairs are very comfortable.

There is a blackboard in my room. There are six fans in my room. There is a dustbin for the waste papers. The walls are decorated with pictures of national leaders and charts. We keep our classroom neat and clean. Every year, we win the prize for cleanliness. All the teachers praise us for it. I like my classroom very much.

Essay On My Class Room

Set 2: Essay On My Class Room

I am a student of class VII of Manav Bharti School. My school has a grand four-storeyed building. It has seventy class rooms. My class sits at the third floor in room no. 38. My class room is near the staff-room. There is a verandah in front of my class room. My class room is quite spacious and it faces the east.

There are three doors, three ventilators and three windows in my classroom. The windows have iron bars and the floors and ceiling of my classroom are cemented. The room is white-washed. There is new furniture in my classroom and a blackboard on the wall.

There are forty tables and forty student chairs in my classroom. Every table has a shelf where students keep their books and notebooks. There is one armed chair and a table for the teacher. My class room has an almirah in the wall and this is meant for the class monitor. He puts the chalk-sticks, teacher’s diary and duster in the almirah. There are six ceiling fans and six tube lights in my class room. There are two dustbins kept in the two corners of the classroom. All the students of my class take a great care to keep the classroom neat and clean and decorate it with maps, pictures and charts. My class room is well-ventilated and sunlight comes into the room. Students of my class take great care to ensure that furniture is not broken in the classroom by any student, nor is any other harm done to the classroom. I like my classroom very much.


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