Essay On The Street in which I Live

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Essay On The Street in which I Live

I live in the city itself in a big apartment consisting of six storeys. I live on the fifth floor of the apartment which is known as Shanti Sadan. Our house commands a fine view of all that goes on in the street below us.

The name of our building suggests that it is a peaceful place. Yet we have no peace or silence from morning to night. Sounds of traffic and milkmen awake us early in the morning. Then follows the shouts of newspaper boys and pavement hawkers. We are forced to leave our beds and our restful sleep.

We step out on our balcony and see a sea of human heads passing through the street. All kinds of things are sold on the pavements below us. There is much noise and confusion. A great deal of bargaining goes on between buyers and sellers. We see vegetables, fruits, flowers, and many other commodities being sold in our street. Sometimes people become violent and there is a street fight.

The police come on the scene and arrest the troublemakers. Occasionally, there is a street accident. Then we feel sorry for the poor victim who is either killed on the spot or seriously injured. As there is much noise and activity in the street below us, we never have a dull moment. We find it interesting to spend our time in our balcony and watch the sights and sounds in the street.

Essay On The Street in which I Live


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