Essay On A Good Citizen

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Essay On A Good Citizen

A citizen may be a city, town, village, or slum dweller. He is a citizen of an independent country. A citizen is a person who has certain duties and responsibilities to fulfill towards his country. He also enjoys certain rights and freedoms permitted by the law. He takes pride to be born in his country.

A good citizen is a blessing to society. He knows that he is responsible for the country, just as the country has certain responsibilities towards him. He honors and respects the tradition, culture, and heritage of his country. He maintains social harmony with fellow citizens. He never hurts the feelings of other people and spoils peace in society. He takes care of the weak, poor, and needy people. A good citizen can never see them in trouble. He is loyal and obedient to society. a

His main duty is his loyalty to the country where he is born. Loyalty towards the country is close to his heart. He is always ready to lose everything for the sake of his country. He obeys law and order and respects the Constitution of his country.

A good citizen sees his country above everything. He is always ready to protect his motherland. He is prepared to risk his life for the sake of his country. A good citizen has a strong belief in the different laws of his country. He never does anything that is not allowed by the law. He has no kindness for those who break the law. He helps the law protectors against those who try to disturb the smooth functioning of society.

A good citizen is a person with good habits and clean thinking. He leads a simple life. He respects the beliefs of others. He is a helpful, friendly, unselfish and humble individual.

A good citizen is always alert against the enemies of the country. He never does anything that may help them. Thus, he is aware of his social duties. He takes interest in politics and casts his vote for a good and hardworking candidate. In this way, he may use his vote for the good of the country.

He is confident and brave. He never ill-treats, harms, or cheats anyone. He always remains ready to help others. He is a person who is clean in actions, words, and deeds. If he is a soldier, he fights bravely. If he is a worker, he puts his heart and soul into his work. If he is a teacher, he is deeply interested in the progress of his students. If he is a doctor, he does his best to cure his patient and save his life. Thus, a good citizen has all the qualities worthy of the highest honor.

Essay On A Good Citizen


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