Essay On A visit to the Taj Mahal

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Set 1: Essay On A visit to the Taj Mahal

The Taj Mahal is a historical monument. It is situated on the bank of Yamuna river in Agra. It is a beautiful tomb of Mumtaz Mahal.

Taj Mahal is called the wonder of the world. It was made by Emperor Shahjahan in the loving memory of his wife Mumtaz Mahal. It is made of pure white marble of Makrana. Thousands of visitors come to see this wonderful building of Love in Agra every year. Thousands of artists, artisans and workers worked for twenty years to complete it. About 20 crores of rupees were spent on it. The beauty of the Taj smiles in the silvery night of the full moon.

The walls of the Taj Mahal are decorated and carved with gem-stones of different colours. The couplets from Quran are written on the walls. The Taj is situated on a high raised platform. The graves of the King and the Queen are under the dome in a dark chamber. There are four minarets at the four comers of the platform. Everyone praises Taj for its beauty and art.

The Taj can be viewed in the full moon nights to see an admirable view fully. The real graves are under the dummy graves.

Set 2: Essay On A visit to the Taj Mahal

There are many beautiful and worth seeing historical monuments in India. But the Taj Mahal of Agra is the most beautiful of all. It is considered one of the seven wonders of the world. It is a dream in marble. My friends and I visited the Taj in the last summer vacation. The vision of it cast a spell over me as it stood in unique majesty. Nature’s beauty made the grounds of the building look all the more beautiful.

We went down the staircase. We found the graves of the Emperor and the Queen under the dome in a dark chamber. Multicoloured pieces of glass and couplets decorated the side walls. The four pillars stood as watchmen at each corner of the main building.

A full moon night followed in a couple of days. We visited the Taj Majal again that night. Its beauty smiled in the silvery light of the moon. It was a very beautiful sight. My joy had no bounds when I saw its reflection in the river Yamuna. A clear picture of monument could be seen. I closed my eyes and opened them again to check if it was a reality.

The Taj Mahal was built about three hundred years ago by the Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan in the loving memory of his beloved queen, Mumtaz Mahal.

I am full of wonder even now as to how man could be so perfect in working out this wonder! I can still see the beauty of the Taj with my mind’s eye. I well never forget my visit to the great Taj Mahal.

Essay On A visit to the Taj Mahal
Essay On A visit to the Taj Mahal

Set 3: Essay On A visit to the Taj Mahal

There are many historical monuments in the world. India also has a few very important historical monuments and Taj Mahal is one of them. Taj Mahal, situated at Agra, is one of the wonders of the world. A large number of people from India and abroad visits the Taj every year, as it is a unique and matchless structure.

Taj Mahal has a great beauty – beauty conceivable only in one’s dream. It was built by Mughal Emperor Shahjehan who built this captivating beauty in the memory of his beloved queen Mumtaj Mahal. The Taj symbolises love.
I, along with my friends, paid a visit to the Taj Mahal on a full moon night. The beauty of this grand monument is at its highest under the silvery moonlight. The architectural design is superb and it is made of marble. It has four minarets on four corners with an onion-shaped dome in the centre. Couplets from the Koran are engraved on the wall of the Taj. It is also a wonder of calligraphy. Flowery designs are inset with precious coloured stones.

Spotless white marble has been used in the construction of the Taj. We visited the graves of the emperor and empress who lie side by side in their graves which are down the staircase. We were provided canvas shoes by some men on duty outside as no one is allowed to visit these graves with shoes on.

The surrounding area of Taj Mahal is well decorated with greenery and there are many beautiful flower beds in the surrounding. We were really ecstatic on seeing the Taj Mahal and the vision cast a sort of magic spell on us. Its majestic beauty was further enhanced by the green tufts of grass and the green shoots of the cyprus trees.

There were uncountable men, women and children who had come to enjoy the beauty of the Taj. Also, there were many foreigners who were clicking their cameras. No doubt, there are many beautiful temples in South India and Hindu temples in Rajasthan and elsewhere are matchless in their beauty but the beauty of the Taj Mahal is unparalleled.


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