Essay On A Visit to a Photographer’s Studio

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Essay On A Visit to a Photographer’s Studio

The summer vacation was about to begin. I had planned to join the YMCA for basketball coaching. I needed two passport size photographs for the membership. So I went to a studio with my father,

The photographer was a pleasant man, He received us with a smile. He led us into his studio. It consisted of a small hall. It had different kinds of seats. My father and I sat on a sofa. The place had many powerful electric lights.

The photographer asked me to sit on a chair. I combed my hair and sat on a chair. The photographer switched on the big bright lights. My eyes were dazzled by the brightness. I could not bear the lights. So I closed my eyes.
The photographer became impatient. He came forward and told me not to move from the position he had given me. He asked me to keep my eyes open and look towards the camera. With a great effort, I kept my eyes open. The photo was taken and I could relax.

We left the studio, finished some other work and went home. I was too excited to see my photograph the next day.

Essay On A Visit to a Photographer's Studio
Essay On A Visit to a Photographer’s Studio


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