Essay On A Sailor

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Essay On A Sailor

Every job has its joys and sorrows. The job of a sailor is not an exception. A person who works on a ship as a member of the crew is a sailor. Some sailors work on small ships, while others work on big steamers or in the navy.

A sailor has to live in a ship or a steamer for many days. The voyage may last for fifteen days, a month or even more. A sailor does not have a sight of land for number of days until the ship halts for a day or two to get water, fuel and other necessities.

A sailor has many companions with whom he lives on the ship. He has a lot of work to do in the ship, which keeps him occupied all the day. Sometimes he even helps in cooking food. By the end of the day, he becomes very tired and goes to his bed early, and soon fast asleep.

The ship is his small world. He does not get daily newspapers to read. However, he can keep books to read during his free time. There are not many comforts of life. He finds the sky above and the sea below. He does not get fresh milk, vegetables and other things. Although he gets the joy of sea life, he remains unhappy to stay away from his family and friends for so many days.

At night when the sailor looks up in the sky, he finds joy in watching the stars. Sometimes he also sees a falling star. Stars become his daily friends that seem to move along his water route. Thus, the sailor enjoys beauty of ocean life when on duty.

A sailor feels happy when his ship is anchored on the port. His feet touch land after a long. He sees many people and different places. He writes a letter to his family during the halts at the port. However, he never gets replies of his letters from near and dear ones.

A sailor’s journey is a hard and rough one. It has many dangerous. The sailors are always in danger of shipwreck, sinking in a storm, facing rough weather, fire or dying due to thirst or hunger. Yet the sailor is a brave and cheerful fellow. He often complaints but he loves the sea-life so much that he may not leave it. When a sailor gets used to the life at sea, he finds it equally rewarding.

Essay On A Sailor
Essay On A Sailor


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