Essay On Computers in Today’s World

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Set 1: Essay On Computers in Today’s World

Computer industry is the fastest growing industry in the world today. Both in the fields of software and hardware the forward movement is at such a great pace that the common man finds it difficult to keep pace with it.

A computer is basically no more than an empty box and is useless without a man to handle it. Therefore man is the master and the computer is the slave and that in the way things should be. But if man doesn’t keep himself up to date with the developments in the computer world then a time when will come fewer and fewer people there will be, who will know how to handle the more and more advanced machines and eventually the roles could change and spell disaster.

This only be seen whereever we go, whichever offices or shops or factories we go into the new cars, trains, bus, ships and planes, we see a lot of computerised automation done. ΑΙΙ the computerisation does make life easier and more comfortable but with the use of less and less man power in the control of things.

Computerisation is leading to more and more retrenchments from jobs, premature retirements and more and more unemployment. We see, therefore, , that while computers lead to a more comfortable and a flawless services, they are paving the way for an enormous unemployment problem as well.

Set 2: Essay On Computers Today

Computers are being talked about everywhere, in the press, on the radio and the television. They appear in films and books and have now invaded all walks of life. It is necessary that we should not miss to catch up with the latest environmental, economic, social and cultural progress, and so we should encourage computerisation at all levels.
If a developing nation has to invest in this technology, we must have a good set of reasons. Let us try to answer basic questions like (1) What is a computer? (2) What can it do? (3) How can one communicate with it? (4) What are the implications of computerisation over a short as well as long period of time.

A computer was created for computing fast—a purely mathematical function. Today they are used to forecast the weather, to operate machines, to cut steel to size and even to guide a spacecraft to the moon. Computers help to trace criminals and are used in the airlines industry. The whole world of airlines functions efficiently with its help. Hotels make use of them from managerial functions to kitchen operations, and companies use them for accounting, invoicing etc.

Thus, a computer is a data processing device which acts upon data coming to it in all shapes and sizes. It deals with the science of information processing, invoicing, recording, manipulating and retrieving information. Computers are electronic devices in which all information is stored as patterns of electrical pulses. A computer has to be programmed as per the requirement, either to guide a missile or to write poetry.
In the years to come, energy-efficient technologies will be at a premium; the microprocessor as the key

machine will lead the industry. It could easily be concluded that in the long run, computerisation on a large scale will essentially become a matter of survival.

Hence, it is really important to bring an awareness of computers among the common people.

Essay On Computers Today


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