Essay On Social Life Of Indus Valley People

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Essay On Social Life Of Indus Valley People

Indus Valley civilization dates back to 2500 BC. However, scholars do not know how this civilization began. Indus Valley civilization is also known as Harappan Culture? Scientific and archaeological proofs show the level of scientific and technical achievements of the early civilization. The historical excavations in 1920 of Harappa and Mohenjo-Daro show the developed state of civilization of the people in this region. However, the glorious civilization that gave so many things ended by 1500 BC.

Specimens of wheat and barley are found in the ruins of Indus Valley. Rice was also grown. The date palm cultivation was found in addition to this. The diet of the people comprised fruits, vegetables, fishes and flesh of different animals.

People of Indus Valley used number of weapons such as axes, spears, bow and arrows, daggers, swards and mace. Mace was a stick that was used during the wars. Weapons were generally made of copper and bronze. Shields were also used by them. Among the tools and implements, a special mention should be made of the toothed saw, which was unknown in the ancient world.

No actual clothing of the people in Indus Valley has been found. It is believed that the usual dress of both men and women consisted of two-piece clothes. Upper garment was worn like a shawl over the shoulder under the other arm and other cloth covered the lower half of the body. Men had a long hair. Women wore a fan shaped hair dress, which covered their hair. Both men and women used various ornaments made from gold, silver and copper. Semi-precious stones such as crystals, agate, jasper, amethyst, etc. were used as ornaments. Ornaments were made of various designs and they showed high technical skills of the artisans.

Men wore headbands, necklaces, fingerings and armlets. Women decorated themselves with hair dress, earrings, bangles, bracelets and girdles. Materials have been discovered showing that women at Mohenjo-Daro were not very far behind than those of the present age. They were aware of the use of cosmetics such as face paints and lip paints. Narrow combs of different shapes were also used by women. Small dressing tables were also discovered at Mohenjo-Daro.

People of Indus Valley had various kinds of amusements and pastimes. Pottery toys for children included clay models of human figures, birds and animals. Clay carts were also designed. They are the earliest example of wheeled vehicles thus far known. Dice and marbles were some of the favourit games among people. Trapping of birds, bullfights, hunting and fishing were among other pastimes.

Essay On Social Life Of Indus Valley People


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