Essay On Our Village Life – To Improve It How

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Essay On Our Village Life – To Improve It How

Even though the big towns and the metropolises are facing the great problem of the migration of the population to these towns, still India lives in the villages. 80% population of the country lives in the villages.

But with all the development schemes launched and being launched for the improvement and development of the village life, the life therein remains still backward, where much still remains to be done, much to be desired. In several parts of the country even the basic needs are not available. Clean drinking water, proper shelter and sanitation, proper health care all these are crying needs of India’s rural areas. India is a vast country and inspite of large scale projects launched from time to time to better the looks and life of our rural folk, much still remains to be desired.

It was as far back as in 1952 that the community development programme was launched. Under this programme was planned the supply of improved seeds, modern implements and chemical manures to the farmers – most of the rural population are agriculturists – minor irrigation projects were started, facilities to improve the breed and looking after of the live-stocks was taken up, some village industries were also pushed up.

The integrated rural development programme’ intended to provide employment to the rural population. Big irrigation projects, construction of huge dams had been taken up to supply to our farmers timely water for their crops, electricity to their tube wells.

A rural health programme was launched in the year 1977 and by 1982-83 it was expected to cover the entire rural population under this scheme. Community health workers were trained and are being trained to render the barely necessary and immediate medical aid.

Employment facilities to the rural population were also envisaged to be provided the target was fixed at by the year 1987. But there still remains much to be desired, much to be achieved. For the benefit of the milk producers of the rural population a scheme called *Operation Flood’ was launched; the plan behind this programme was to establish a direct link between the rural milk producers with the processing units established in the urban areas. Along with this had been launched the scheme of improving the quality of milch cattle by the method of artificial insemination. Such centres for artificial insemination were established at every block level.

Universalization of education for rural children and literacy to the adults have also been schemes launched but not the expected head way could be made in this direction. Of course, the ‘Panchayati Raj’ system has been introduced in almost all the states of the country. This is a decentralization policy to make the democratic process to reach the grass roots and make the rural population the dispensers of justice at their own level in all possible ways. It has caught up with the rural folk though much still requires to make this system free from discriminations and discussions.

What is intended and needed is that the rural masses should have a better living, more health facilities, more economic gains for their products, more prosperity, more education, more employment. The commodities that they produce should give them enough gains and exploitation by the middle man may be eliminated. More roads, better transport facilities and greater communication level for this majority population are dreams of the rural development programmes planned and envisaged. Much has been achieved but still much more is required to be done. Fifty years of independence but only about fifty percent of the achievement targets this presents a grim picture. Villages and villagers have to be freed from age-old superstitions and raised up to a respectable level. Economic independence and education – these are the basics which alone can do what is intended and planned.

Essay On Our Village Life - To Improve It How


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