Essay On Communicable Diseases

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Essay On Communicable Diseases

Diseases caused by microorganisms or bacteria, which can transmit from a diseased person to a healthy person are communicable diseases.’ In other words, communicable diseases are caused by pathogens that can pass from one person to another. Pathogens include fungi, bacteria, viruses, protozoa, parasites and worms. These diseases can be transmitted through air or are spread from person to person by direct contact.

Initially the bacteria enters in the body. The rich nourishing fluid called blood serum’ and the body temperature are favourable for the rapid growth of bacteria. However, immediately the symptoms of disease do not appear. Unless and until, bacteria are not adequately multiplied, they do not create any reaction.

The time between the infection and the appearance of first symptom is the growing period. This period differs in different diseases and depends on the strength of the infection and the state of health of the person infected. Some infectious diseases confer permanent immunity to the patient while others give temporary.

Each disease has a definite duration and a definite developing period. The common communicable diseases caused among children are Measles, Small Pox, Mumps, Whooping cough, Diphtheria and Influenza. These diseases are transmitted in the earliest days of their beginning. Hence, child’s health and possibly even life can be saved by careful observation, whether the child appears in normal state or shows any signs of serious illness.

Communicable diseases can be transmitted by a number of ways. Direct contact can transmit a disease. Another way disease spreads is through contaminated food and water. Bacteria such as salmonella that affect chicken can be passed on into human body if such chicken is not cooked well. Cholera can be transmitted through dirty water that causes severe diarrhoea and vomiting. Cholera is an example of a diseases caused by the bacteria vibrio cholera. Communicable diseases can also be transmitted through blood.

People in different parts of the world are infected with Tuberculosis. The germs of TB enter in the air through the spittle of the patient. It is estimated that nearly two billion people have been exposed to TB bacterium. The hopes that TB would be conquered by 2025 ended due to various medical and social factors. Malaria is another example of a contagious disease caused by the female Anopheles mosquito carrying the disease. When the mosquito feeds on a creature, it digests the red blood cells that release malarial parasites.

It is better to prevent diseases than to treat and cure them by medically treating them after they take place. However, diseases can be prevented by vaccination.

Essay On Communicable Diseases


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