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Set 1: Essay On Co-Education

Co-education is a system of education like schools, colleges and universities where both girls and boys can study together. In early times, it was a debatable topic. However, apart from western countries, co-education has also spread in developing countries like India. We find co-education in different schools and colleges. However, yet there are few educational institutions, which strictly impart education to either genders.

Even today, during the times of urbanization, industrialization and modernization traditionaland orthodox people are not in favour of co-education. They believe that similar kind of education for both boys and girls is not good. The some main reason for this is that both the genders have to play different roles when they become adult citizens. In addition, the existence of opposite gender can fascinate the attention of pupils towards each other resulting in lack of educational achievements. Thus, according to such people it is advisable to have separate educational institutions for boys and girls.

With the passage of time, many changes have come up in society. Professionals involved in the teaching stream have made efforts to make masses realise the advantages of co-education. Coeducation has helped both men and women to share different works and experiences in different fields. Co-education has shown that if girls and boys are nurtured together in schools and colleges, they can talk and exchange ideas freely without barriers and accept each other as human beings.

Co-education helps in improving the general performance of an individual. Such kind of education encourages the spirit of healthy competition between boys and girls. They try hard to do well in their exams and in other fields to gain each other’s appreciation.

Men have a natural habit to impress women. As a result, they behave and dress well. Men acquire the qualities of being well mannered, considerate and courteous. Women too show admirable behaviour. In the same way, boys in schools and colleges work much harder. The girls too in order to perform well than boys devote a great deal of time in studies. Hence, co-education provides the atmosphere for a healthy competition.

The system of co-education helps the girls to become brave and courageous. They are able to face the male dominated society and can fight for their rights in society. Therefore, co-education is essential for the development of tolerant, liberal, progressive and open-minded society where men and women both co-operate to build a better world to live in.

Set 2: Essay On Co-Education

Co-education means boys and girls receiving education together in one and the same institution. Co-education is in vogue in all advanced countries of the world like England, America, Russia, France and even Turkey, Our Constitution has done away with all the discriminations on the basis of religion, class or sex.

Woman in India today enjoys full freedom. She enjoys an equal status with man. She has a right to vote just as man has. She is eligible for the highest position in the State. She is no longer the slave of man. She is no longer a house drudge. She has came into her own.

We have to provide her educational facilities equal with man. We have not enough women’s colleges to accommodate all the female aspirants after higher education nor does our present budget allow us to open separate women’s colleges. Girls, therefore, must join co-educational institutions if they are not to be left behind in the race for progress. Girls also prefer to join co-educational institutions not for the sake of romance and sight-seeing but because they are better staffed and better equipped. The staff in a purely women’s institution is seldom stable for as soon as a woman lecturer is married, she resigns and goes away to the station of her husband. The education of the girl scholars thus suffers in consequence.

Our orthodox brethren assert that free mixing of boys and girls would lead to romance and love marriages which usually have an unhappy ending. Such fears are unfounded and base-less. In a coeducational institution, boys and girls try to behave better in the presence of others. The college life becomes sweet and charming and attendance also improves. Men and women mix freely in trains, buses, cinemas, places of worship, in the family and fairs. Heavens won’t fall if they mix in colleges. When there is a larger number of girls in a college, they don’t attract attention. The novelty is worn off. Familiarity blunts the edge of curiosity and makes the whole thing look common. Co-education improves the moral tone of the students.

There is also distinct improvement in the university results, since co-education brings about healthy rivalry. The cost of education to the State is reduced. The same staff, the same building and furniture, can satisfy the educational needs of both the sexes. In a coeducational institution, boys and girls mix freely at the debates, in associations, clubs and societies attached to the institution and thus have ample opportunities of understanding one another’s viewpoint. As the public standard of morality is raised, co-education may be introduced with an advantage. The girls are prepared to shoulder with the boys.

Essay On Co-Education


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