Essay On Sightseeing

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Essay On Sightseeing

During the Dushera holidays our class was taken to visit important historical places, in and around Delhi. Plans for this trip were made well in advance so when the day arrived the whole class was ready and excited. Our teacher took the attendance and wat was tell to the stage filed us into the hired bus.

Our first stop was at the Qutab Minar. This five storey monument was built by Qutab-ud-Din, the first slave king of India. We climbed the dark, narrow staircase to the highest storey. Looking down from that height the people below looked like dwarfs. Nearby we saw the iron pillar known as King Chandra’s pillar. Some men and women were putting their arms around the pillar to try and make their fingers meet. “If they succeed they will get some luck the guide said.

From the Qutab we were taken to an old city of Delhi built by the Tughlak Kings, which is now in ruins. Our next stop was at Emperor Humayun’s tomb. The Mughal art and architecture are very beautiful. At the Feroze Shah Kotla we were shown the Ashoka pillar which was brought from Meerut. Here we rested and had our lunch. Last of all, we were taken to the Red Fort, which stands on the banks of the River Yamuna. The guide told us that it was built by the Great Emperor Akbar in A.D. 1565. Inside the Fort there are a number of beautiful buildings which include the Moti Masjid, Diwane-aam, Diwan-e-khass, and Musamman Burf where Emperor Shahjahan died, while he was imprisoned.


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