Essay On Health is better than wealth

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Set 1: Essay On Health is better than wealth

It is said that a healthy body has a healthy mind. A person whose body and mind are healthy is a happy man. For the mind to work properly the healthy environment of the body is a must. We must therefore pay great attention to the need to keep our bodies healthy all the time.

The first requirement of a healthy body is proper nutrition. It is not necessary that everything we eat should be only that which we like to eat. If we eat only such then most certainly we would soon fall sick. We must eat wholesome balanced food that is home made which our parents provide us with. We should eat well and do so happily and at the proper timings. We must avoid road side junk food which is often very tempting.

The second requirement for a healthy body is regular outdoor games or exercise. Exercise helps our bodies to grow strong. These help our bodies to resist disease germs and thus prevent us from falling sick. Regular exercise should be a daily habit. Thirdly it is only natural for our bodies to tire after work and by the end of the day. Our body requires proper rest in the form of sleep for eight hours a day.

Set 2: Essay On Health is wealth

Man is the most powerful living being on the earth and so there is nothing more blissful than having a healthy body and mind. Healthy persons lead an active life, are more intelligent, remain happy and become successful. Human body is more complex than any other machine and it is our duty to maintain this wonderful machine. The food we eat must provide essential nutrients.

Sports and exercise are also very important as they give our body a proper shape and build stamina and confidence. Health paves the way towards success. A healthy soul resides in a healthy mind and a healthy mind in a healthy body.

Essay On Health is better than wealth


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