Essay On Computer

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Essay On Computer
Essay On Computer

Essay On Computer 400 Words

A computer is an electronic machine that can store, organize and find information. It also controls other machines and carries out the calculations. Computers can solve complicated problems and carry out the most difficult calculations with great speed and correctness.

Besides caring out perfect calculations, computers can do several other things. A special memory is fitted inside the computers. This helps them to store a lot of data. Computers can save and store typed documents, songs, pictures, sounds, and different types of files in their memory. Whenever we need it, the saved information and files can be seen on the screen within seconds.

Advanced computers have helped us in every area of life. Compared to early computers, each time lighter, smaller, speedier, and more powerful computers are launched. Computers have been a controlling factor since the 1970s. Today it has gained its importance in almost all fields.

Based on the instructions and commands, computers can process the information. Good and advanced computers can follow thousands of instructions within no time. However, the user has to give instructions in the language understood by the computer. Computers also contain various programs to perform various actions. Programming is defined as a set of instructions given to the computer in order to solve different operations. Different languages are being used to program a computer. Some of the languages are BASIC, JAVA, C, C++, and COBOL. Computer programs are created by special programmers.

The user has to be careful while giving instructions to the computer. This is because; a computer is only a machine that follows the instructions of the user blindly. A computer cannot decide on its own about the instructions given to it. If the user misses a step, the computer cannot correct it. Thus, the user has to cover every step involved in a particular process. However, computers have proved it in all roles that are given to it. They have been a great helping hand, in every field that has been applied with computers. Satellite images are also computer-based.

Computer education has been introduced at school levels and in primary classes. Today, it has become important to acquire knowledge of computers. Every year there are thousands of students across the globe enter the world of computer technology. This youth helps in getting technology into the next level of advancement. The world would not have been what it is today if there were no computers. Computers have a great future and we just have to keep a watch and mark the changes coming in them.

Essay On Computer 300 Words

Along with culture and civilization man has also progressed in the fields of science and technology. We have discovered many electronic types of equipment to make our life more comfortable. The invention of the computer is a unique example of the success of man. Computers are the highly utilized machines in modern times. Progress of humans in the field of science and technology would have been impossible without computers.

Computers have progressed very rapidly in past few years. The computer works as per instructions given by man. Similar to a typewriter, a computer has keys of alphabets, numerals, and symbols. Instructions are given to the computer through these keys. All the data and matter in the computer is stored on a hard disk. The printer connected to the computer prints the data.

The use of computers in our daily life has increased a thousand folds. The computer is used in solving crimes. Results of various examinations are prepared with the help of a computer. We can play interesting games on the computer. Nowadays one can even get an education through computers. Various courses are available on the computer. It has become very easy to book air and railway tickets through the computer. The use of computers has increased in banks also. The complete transaction records of a customer are stored on a computer. With the help of a computer, a customer can easily see or get the statement of his account.

In India, computers are used for the promotion and spread of education. This is especially beneficial for the students who are taking distance education. The film industry uses computers for recording, dubbing, editing, etc. The traffic is controlled with the help of a computer. Computers are used in hospitals on a large scale. The internet facility which uses telephones connected to computers is used to send important messages from one place to another.

Computers are essential and important machines for man today. They make our life comfortable. Their use is increasing day by day.

Essay On Computer


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