Essay On A Heavy Storm

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Essay On A Heavy Storm

It was the month of May. It had been a very hot day. Towards evening, the heat became unbearable. Everyone became restless.

Suddenly there was a lull. Everything was very still and silent. It was the lull before the storm. Soon a strong wind began to blow. In fact, it was a gale blowing at the rate of 80 miles an hour.

Hail stones began to descend on the rooftops and on the roads. They clattered on the roof before they fell to the ground. The whole ground looked white. It was covered with a layer of hail stones. Then followed torrents of rain.

People hurriedly sought shelter in some buildings or houses. One man was struck by lightning. He died on the spot.

The fury of the storm increased. Big trees were uprooted. They fell across the road, They cut the telegraph wires as they fell. Certain parts of the city were plunged into darkness. The telephones went out of order. In the surrounding country side, the crops were damaged by rain and hail stones. The roofs of small houses were blown away.

One has to experience a storm to believe in the destruction power it has. People dread storms because of the destruction, they cause. It is just as well that they do not occur very frequently.

Essay On A Heavy Storm
Essay on A Heavy Storm


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