Essay On Convincing Parents for Picnic

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Essay On Convincing Parents for Picnic

My class was going for an outing, but my parents, specially my father, did not agree to allow me to join them. The reason was my poor performance in the terminal tests. I thought of talking it over with him the other day, in the evening.

First, I made up my mind to be regular in studies. Daily, after 8 p.m., I sat for two hours in the drawing room solving sums in my father‘s presence, while other members of the household enjoyed the TV programmes.

My father used to notice it. But no one said anything till a week before the picnic. One day some of my friends dropped by in the evening, to call me for the evening stroll. I expressed my inability and told them that I could not break my vow to be at my desk for Mathematics at 8 p.m.

That was the turning point. My father was now convinced about my studies. He had, perhaps, a second thought about the whole issue. The day before the picnic, he came to my room and asked me to join the picnic, much to the surprise and anguish of all in the family, specially my unrelenting mother. The need to convince them did not arise because my utmost care for studies had convinced them of my sincerity

Essay On Convincing Parents for Picnic


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