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Essay on My Hobbies: Interest is what a person likes to do in his spare time. For the full development of a person, it is essential to have an interest in him. Usually, in schools or colleges and essay writing competitions, the task of writing an Essay on My Hobbies or Paragraph on My Hobbies is given to the students.

My Hobbies
Essay on My Hobbies

Essay on My Hobbies

A hobby is a healthy pass time in which we involve willingly. A person spends time in his hobbies for leisure and relaxation. Our mind gets refreshed if we pass a good time with our most favourite activity. We can chase out our tiredness. It is said that an idle mind is a devil’s workshop. Therefore, it is necessary to stay busy with some of the other creative activities. Hobbies can be selected on one’s own personal choice and taste. Hobbies can create a kind of encouragement within the person.

I have many hobbies. To begin with, I like to collect stamps. I stick stamps of different countries in my stamp book. I have made a stamp album. This hobby has no end or limit. I keep on collecting stamps and I am always in the search of new stamps. My stamp album appears very beautiful. One can look over a variety of local and foreign stamps at a stretch. One can find faces of famous personalities on stamps, including great patriots, scientists, kings, queens, sportspersons, authors, and poets. Thus, those who follow stamp collection like me are always excited to multiply their collection all the time.

Photography has been newly developed as my hobby. I have started liking to click pictures of flowers, birds, beautiful sights, sceneries, etc. With an advanced and powerful camera, which my dad has bought me, I can take thousands of pictures of my choice. However, one must try to learn the technique of capturing good photographs.

Gardening and sowing plants is another enjoyable hobby followed by me. Such a hobby demands a lot of knowledge about plants. I am lucky to have enough space at the back of my house. With the help of my mummy, I have developed a beautiful garden.

According to my, hobbies are very important as they help to build character. However, a large number of people have no hobbies. Many of them are very poor to follow their hobbies. Most of their time and energy is consumed in earning their living, eating, sleeping, and other day-to-day activities. Everybody must try to have a hobby as it makes our free time interesting and enjoyable.

Essay on My Hobbies
Essay on My Hobbies


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