Essay on My School

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Essay on My School: Vidyalaya means the school or home of learning, meaning where learning takes place. In our sanskaras, Vidya has been given the place of Goddess, and the school has been given the likeness of ‘Temple.’ My school is such a subject, on which it is often given to writing essays, etc. We spend the most important time in our school, and we have many memories attached to the school. That’s why school is very important in everyone’s life. Today we will write an essay on essay on my school.

Essay My School
Essay on My School

Essay on My School 400 Words

School is regarded as a temple of learning. It is also considered as a training institution for future good citizens. Unfortunately, not every child is privileged to go to a school.

I study in one of the oldest schools in the city. The name of my school is ‘Delzin T. Ookajee Girls’ High School. The name of the school is written on the board of the front building. My school is 139 years old. It was established by a Parsi group of generous people way back in 1876. They donated land and money for the school.

Our school has three buildings and a huge playground. It even has a campus. A small hostel for outstation students is situated on the campus. In the beginning, our school was limited to two buildings. The third building was built just thirty years before. Each building has three floors. More than two thousand students study in my school. The three buildings of my school consist of thirty-nine classrooms. It has a laboratory and a big library. Our library has a collection of more than ten thousand books. The office is on the first floor.

The Principal’s office is next to the staff room on the second floor. Every building of our school has a dining hall. Students use this hall to enjoy their lunch break. There are in all thirty-one teachers and eight peons in my school. All of them carry out their duties with great responsibility, pride, and dedication.

All the teachers are well qualified, trained, and experienced. Our Principal is a learned man. He teaches us Mathematics and Science. We have a huge assembly hall situated on the ground floor. Daily we assemble for our morning prayers. Annual prize distribution function and other activities are held in the assembly hall. My classroom is on the first floor. An annual sport is held on the playground. We have a small water fountain on one side of the ground.

Every year we celebrate Republic Day, Independence Day, Teacher’s Day as well as Children’s Day in our school. We also organize debate and quiz competitions. My school publishes a yearly magazine named ‘Delzonian’ All the interesting events of the school are mentioned in the magazine. My school also runs Boxing classes, dance classes as well as classes for different sports and games. We also have our own troop of Boy Scouts and Girl Guides.

I am very proud of my school. The discipline, the study atmosphere, and the excellent academic result of our school fascinate many students from distant parts of our state. Therefore, one can say that I study in an ideal school in every respect.

Essay on My School
Essay on My School

Essay On My School 500 Words

Children are the real asset of any nation. This asset is kept secure in a school. Here children learn a lot of things and grow up to be cultured and well-behaved citizens and contribute to the progress of a nation.

My school is within walking distance from my house. My school building is three-storeyed. The building looks very attractive because of the stone outer walls. The school contains 40 classrooms which are very spacious. Special attention is paid to cleanliness. A dustbin is provided for each classroom and students are asked to throw the garbage in it only. Apart from this, the classrooms are cleaned every day. This helps in maintaining a clean and hygienic atmosphere in the school.

Our school has a total of 3000 students. The school conducts classes from standard 5th to standard 12th. There is a separate staff room for all the teachers. The Office of the Principal and vice principal is just near the main door. The school building is surrounded by many trees. A very well-maintained garden with colorful flowers on both sides of the entrance makes one happy and feel fresh.

Behind the school building, there is a big playground. Here we play many games, right from kabaddi to cricket. Special coaching is provided for the students here. Our school has won many trophies and prizes in various inter-school tournaments. The school is well equipped with all the necessary sports material. Students learn and practice swimming in the centrally placed swimming tank. It has also got a big and spacious recreation hall where different kinds of intellectual and entertainment programs are held.

Our school timings are from morning 8 to afternoon 2 o’clock. We start our prayer with the Gayatri mantra followed by a small instructive talk or a moral story. The classes start immediately after that. The latecomers are punished. A security guard is always present at the entrance for the safety of the children. A thought is written on the blackboard every day and students are expected to put it into practice. Our school is very strict in case of discipline. The uniforms, nails, of students, are checked every day. A monthly report is sent to the parents.

We also have a very good library housed in a small hall. The library contains books on all subjects and we get newspapers and monthly or weekly subscriptions there. We, students, make full use of this facility. A doctor visits our school regularly. Uniforms and books are distributed to the poor and needy students. Scholarships are given to intelligent students. We invite a renowned person as a guest every year for our annual day. Various sports activities and cultural programs are held on this occasion. The winners and meritorious students are awarded on this day.

Our school is definitely an ideal school because of all these qualities. I am very proud of my school.


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